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The Buzz Gangs of Wasseypur Invade New York

Watch out, the wild Gangs of Wasseypur have come to New York and no one’s going to be spared! Anurag Kashyap’s stunning mafia odyssey will hook you, grab you and get you.
It is the very heart of darkness, a revenge saga where there’s no business like the don business and where firing a gun is as normal as brushing your teeth. Every random unknown on a scooter, armed with an AK47, is a killing machine.
As a visitor to Wasseypur, albeit in the theater, you need to have a high tolerance for bloodshed – after a while even your popcorn seems to be tinged with blood.

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Kailash Satyarthi’s Children: Painting a Childhood Lost & Found

The images are searing. Images of children who’ve lost their innocence, their childhood in the harsh world of bonded labor. Their eyes stare back at you without emotion, their lips frozen in a non-smile. This is art but art painted with the colors of true life. Each image by British portraitist Claire Phillips is of a real child, a child slave rescued by Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi’s organization, Bachpan Bachao Andolan. Meet the artist who journeyed to India to document the lives of these children.


2014 – The Best of Chatty Divas, India & America

Kirti Mukherjee and Sulekha Rawat are the two bloggers behind Chatty Divas. They tell stories of ordinary people, of family love and angst and of lives lived in India and America. Here are some of the highlights of their blogs posted in 2014…Flying the Friendly Indian Skies, Bombay – A train to Nowhere; Diwali on Two Continents. Stories so simple and natural that it’s like being in a circle of friends.


New Year Wisdom from Mumbai the Dog

The dawn of 2015 – it’s the time for resolutions and advice from the experts! So here are New Year tips from Mumbai! No, not from the city but from the canine. This little bit of fluff, a Havenese, is as tiny as the megacity is big.
Mumbai’s philosophy of life is something we should all emulate – apart from chasing pigeons, that is. So usually you have Influencers and Movers and Shakers giving you their tips about living the perfect life in the new year. Well, let me tell you something – we all would be better individuals and have a better 2015 if we were all a lot more like Mumbai, the Philosopher-Dog.


Year-End Review – India Love, Family & Politics

Farewell 2014! It was the year Madison Square Garden became Modison Square Garden! A collection of the year’s stories from Lassi with Lavina, from politics to art and cinema.
Share a thoughtful, insightful rumination by Sharmila Tagore on women in Bollywood; See the breath-taking remains of ancient Hindu and Buddhist art in South Asia; read the powerful ‘Family Life’ by Akhil Sharma; enjoy the poetry of Meena Kumari; and celebrate the wedding of Kunal and Michael, a uniquely NYC love story. Check out these stories and more!


Looking Back: The Modi Juggernaut comes to America

He came, he saw, he conquered.

In popular desi lore, even the name of the venue was transformed from Madison Square Garden to Modison Square Garden. The chants of ‘Mo-Di! Mo-Di!’ were more fevered, more fervent than that for any rock star.

Yes, the rock star of Indian politics is undeniably Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and with his American visit he was on the international world stage. He was in New York and Indian-Americans headed out by the thousands to Madison Square Garden to greet him, to hear him, to just be on the same ground that was beneath his feet.