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The Buzz Sharmila Tagore on Women, Cinema and Society

“Even 65 years after our independence, we find that India’s progress towards establishing an equitable society has been slow and disappointing. Discrimination against women thrives and cuts across religion, caste, rich, poor, urban-rural divides. Secure in their solid economic and social foundation, men are men, and we are the other. Today, women realize that unless certain fundamental issues that affect gender equality and justice are addressed, women’s empowerment will remain at the level of rhetoric.” – Sharmila Tagore

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From LA to Mumbai – 11 Things You didn’t know about India

In moving from LA to Mumbai, actress/writer Tori Roy discovers many truths: That heat stroke is real, so is heat rash. That cockroaches DID inhabit the earth long before mankind and will outlive us by any years by hiding out in India. That when Indians do the ubiquitous head-wobble, it means ‘I hear You’ – nothing more. Read on – Guest Blog.


Shiva, Vishnu and Buddha in the Lost Kingdoms

Sometimes entire worlds disappear yet art survives and tells us the stories which would have remained untold. Fabulous life-sized images of Shiva, Vishnu, Ganesha, and a pantheon of Hindu Gods have been unearthed in Southeast Asia and they look not quite like the deities as we know them in India. The features seem Southeast Asian, the headgear is different but there is no doubt as to their Supreme Power. Though the inspiration is Indian, local aesthetics and local artists have given these vibrant, exquisite masterpieces of Hindu and Buddhist icons a flavor all their own.

For the first time, the cream of the cream of the treasures have been gathered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York: – ‘Lost Kingdoms – Hindu Buddhist Sculpture of Early Southeast Asia’ which brings to light this long-forgotten world.


Meet the Real, 100 percent Preity Zinta

She is Bollywood’s Sweetheart for everyone in the cinema halls, from front benchers to the elite. But don’t let those dimples fool you – Preity Zinta is one of the smartest women in Bollywood who takes on tough challenges, is fearlessly outspoken and is the proud co-owner of the IPL Kings XI Punjab, along with ex-boy friend industrialist Ness Wadia.

The two are very much in the news, due to the FIR lodged by Preity Zinta, accusing Ness Wadia of molestation. The media is agog with all the details. While all that works itself out, I thought I’d share a chat I had with her some years back.


Desi World – Video of the Day – Car Karma

I wouldn’t want to be in this valet’s shoes! One false move and hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain! No one knows exactly what happened but he managed to crash a $400,000 white Lamborghini Gallardo at Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi. A very expensive evening out for the owner. Check out the video.


When Kunal Married Michael – a NYC Love Story

It’s the tale of the two bridegrooms and their love story could happen only in New York City. The Big Fat Indian Wedding re-invented! A ceremony at City Hall with close friends followed by a wedding brunch followed by a wedding reception at an Indian restaurant. Cocktails, cake-cutting and dinner followed by an after-party at a gay club.

With the new draconian laws in India, it would have been hard to have this kind of happiness there and Kunal Lamba who recently married his boyfriend Michael Trotter, is fully aware of that. After all, he grew up in Delhi at a time when the word ‘gay’ just meant someone incredibly joyful.