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Restaurants Chhapli Kebab Pao

If you’re a Mumbaikar cut adrift from all your soul-satisfying street foods, fret no more. Pasta Lane has come to Bleecker Street in New York, and at Aamchi Pao you can get all the spice and heat your heart desires. The tiny eatery is the creation of Nandini Mukherjee who earlier ran The Indian Bread Co, and Surabhi Sahni, the pastry chef of Devi.

The Buzz acupuncture-at-mskcc

Integrative Medicine, while not curing cancer in any way, can help in even advanced metastasis by bringing about symptoms relief, and giving patients a more positive attitude.

Cinema Anil Kapoor with Meredith Vieira at Plan India event

He’s the smarmy, conniving game show host in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, a regular bad guy. We’ve seen him in diverse roles but Anil Kapoor, with a glittering stud in one ear, rugged good looks and oozing Bollywood charisma, has a real life role as a good guy, as spokesperson for children who have received a raw deal in life.

Food Articles Madhur Jaffrey

“In our family, the moment a child is born, my grandmother would come with a jar of honey and would dip her little finger into the honey and write ‘Om’ on the baby’s tongue with it. And my mother always tells me, ‘You just opened your mouth and licked up the honey and when she put it again, you licked it up again.”

Cinema 'Bollywood Hero' comes to Times Square

The mini series was filmed in Mumbai and actually has five full-fledged Bollywood musical numbers, while the soundtrack features Javed Akhtar, Shiksta, Shreya Goshal, and the Bombay Dub Orchestra. Several crew members of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ were also part of this team, including Longinus Fernandes, who choreographed the Jai Ho number.

Cinema Naseeruddin Shah &  Daanish Hussain. Photo: Rad Rahman/Asia Society

Through the powerful voices of the dastangohs the tale came alive; you saw life and death, the grandeur, the sorcery, the parades, the fires and the warfare in your mind’s eye. For two hours the crowd at this sold out show sat riveted, taken quite far away, centuries back, on the wings of a language many of them did not understand.

All this was achieved without a blow being dealt, without a sword being drawn or a match lit – a testament to the story-telling powers of the three dastangohs.

People Shalini Kantayya

“Water is life and I think as a human rights activist there is no more poignant metaphor than water – the commoditization of water and the corporate control of water is to me the human rights issue of the millennium.”

The Buzz Closing Bell at Nasdaq

It was a sight not to be missed – the Indian flag spotlighted on the NASDAQ Exchange board in frenetic Times Square.What are your thoughts on India’s Independence Day? Do you have any reflections to share?

Food Articles Mushroom Crostata with Pesto

The long hot summer is upon us, and wouldn’t you rather be in the pool than sweating it over the stove? “Summer is a great time to host a stress-free get-together,” says Rama Ginde of WannabeChef, based in New Jersey. “Entertaining this season can be informal, laidback and fun.”

Food Articles Rama Ginde of WannaBe Chef

Besides gourmet home delivered meals which can be ordered on the website, she also teaches all the wanna be chefs cooking, from date nights for romantic couples who learn Mexican cooking and get to eat it with a live Mariachi band to Mom and Me workshops where mothers get to bond with their kids over the kitchen stove.

People A.R.Rahman with Falu

“Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey were just four feet away from me – and it was the most amazing moment of my life till date because I was singing for Michelle and Oprah and everyone in that room was a celebrity.”

The Buzz 711 Convenience Theater - photo by Jeff McCrum

For seven years, young actors, playwrights and musicians let down their hair and through humor, some pathos and a dose of brutal honesty, took on the larger issues of identity, color and immigration.

Food Articles Meera Vasudevan

“What is wrong in having the courage to say, ‘Let’s move America from mashed potatoes to Bombay potatoes’?” asks Meera Vasudevan, the woman who has helped bring Indian food to places like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, and to introduce it to a largely American population.

People Kavi Ahuja tests the perfume

He’s a rock musician and she’s an architect but the two have been creating some intriguing perfumes together. DS and Durga is the name of the perfume that David Moltz and Kavita Ahuja first began concocting as a hobby and which has evolved into a successful business.

Little Black Book: Events Rajat Gupta, Dr Anji Reddy, President Clinton and Victor Menezes

President Clinton certainly has the charisma to get pin-drop silence in a room. He was at the Hilton Hotel for the American India Foundation Annual Spring Awards Gala and over 400 heavy hitters from the Indian community turned up.

People Gaurav Mirchandani

So how did a PricewaterhouseCoopers accountant-turned venture capitalist- turned entrepreneur get into the world of gaming startups, outsourcing and India, raising over $ 3 million for projects?

People Anu karwa

The MBA graduate from Columbia University turned entrepreneur with Swirl Events, a hip wine tasting company for corporate and private events, and she’s giving a fresh spin to things.

Cinema Rama and Sita

Syndicated comic strip artist and first time filmmaker Nina Paley has learned to make some mighty creative lemonade with the lemons handed her by life.

Little Black Book: Events UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon with Placido D'Souza

Nelson Mandela, Indira Gandhi, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Manmohan Singh, Mother Teresa, Omar Torrijos, and Rajiv Gandhi – if you had them all in the same room, it would be a major summit! Ambassador Placido P. D’Souza pulls off this coup, if not in the flesh, at least on paper.

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