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Art gold-chettiar-tali

In the collection there is a pair of tiny sandals for a deity, made of sheet gold with rubies, diamonds and pearls. There are also gold accoutrements for a Krishna shrine – umbrella, rattles, peacock and parrots as playthings for Baby Krishna.


Books Kiran Desai, author of 'Inheritance of Loss' is a noted Indian-American writer

Listening to my old tape, I found there were intriguing glimpses of what moves both mother and daughter and the perspectives on the world they share, the values that help them create these very real, very imaginary worlds.

People mg-er-house-008

This historic townhouse once belonged to Eleanor Roosevelt and her spirit is till very much there, with pictures of the iconic First Lady during her India trip on the walls of the foyer.

Art final-bodhisattva-copy

If there’s something five generations of Rockefellers have been fascinated by – it is Asia. They were into Asian art and culture long before it became fashionable and certainly long before Asia became a major emerging global power.

People Rocky Patel enjoys a cigar in the Honduras

He is quite the rock star in the world of cigars because he is the creator of one of the hottest selling cigars in the US and many other parts of the world – the Rocky Patel.

Features vijai-nathan

Vijai Nathan, Nandini Mukherjee and Pooja Narang prove that there’s nothing more rewarding than following a passion and making it a profession!

Little Black Book: Events The Beatles in India, a photographic exhibition by Paul Saltzman

Forty years ago everyone’s favorite rockers John, Paul, George and Ringo had journeyed to India to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram to find themselves. Noted Canada-based photographer and film-maker Paul Saltzman – at that time another lost soul – was also there and photographed the famous foursome.

Food Articles divya-gugnani-22-copy

Feeling hungry? Then let’s introduce you to New Yorker Divya Gugnani who’s turned a passion for food into a delicious new start-up company.This savvy venture capitalist gave up a solid financial career – much before the current downturn – to start a fun new online business called Behind the Burner.

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