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CyberCircles: For You!
2 CH2: Seeing the Light with Dark Glasses On

Why would young people all be wearing sunglasses in the darkness of a happening bar? The Empire State Building was recently lit up with a very different kind of light- the light of giving – when CH2 hosted the 20/20 Party Bring Sight Tonight at the Empire Room. CH2, the junior branch of Children’s Hope India, held a swinging cocktail soiree for over 300 supporters – and the idea of this fun evening was to raise funds to correct and prevent blindness in children in India through the K.K. Eye Institute of Pune.

While everyone had a fun evening, the cool thing as a guest was to acquire a pair of dark glasses – given as a thank you gift to those who contributed towards funding eye care for children in rural India. “Everyone was wearing their sunglasses, adding another fun element to the night while also a great reminder for why they were all there,” recalls Puja Pahlajani, a CH2 board member.

CyberCircles: For You!
0 The Black & White Gala – with a Touch of Red

Children’s Hope India presents the Black and White Ball to mark a grand anniversary – its 20th year of service to children. Two decades ago this New York-based non-profit started as a small group of women professionals hoping to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children.

Now in 2012, CHI has over 20 projects across India which have served 200,000 children, looking after their health, education and vocational training. CHI projects are in Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Bangalore, Bhuj, Pune, Jabalpur and several villages in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu.

CyberCircles: For You!
0 Shri Shirdi Sai Baba Comes to Queens

Faith is a powerful game changer: In 1994 it transformed a small house in Flushing, Queens into a sparkling Sai Temple where hundreds of devotees come for peace and spirituality. This has become a welcome space for Sai worshippers who needed a place to congregate and meditate. As the numbers of devotees increased, a new building was planned for the site, with a ground-breaking in 2004. Finally the Guru Pranapratista was done in April 2010.

CyberCircles: For You!
0 India for Indians – Open House

‘Indians, We’ve Got Your back!’ That could well be the message of a recent press briefing at the Indian Consulate in New York where the Consul General of India, Prabhu Dayal announced a weekly open day for all Indian citizens in the US where they could bring up their problems to the attention of consulate officials, and seek redress.

CyberCircles: For You!
2 Children’s Hope India: Lighting up Villages

Project Chirag began as a student-run organization in Free Enterprise at H.R. College of Commerce & Economics in Mumbai. Since its inception, the Project has purchased solar equipment, trained and hired paraplegic Indians to assemble the parts, and then installed the panels and lanterns in thousands of households across Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

CyberCircles: For You!
2 Children’s Hope India – Every Child Counts

Fundraising in New York can have a wonderful ripple effect and translate into health camps, scholarships and education for children in the slums in India. That’s been the happy result of Children’s Hope India, a non-profit organization started by a group of five women professionals in New York in 1992 with seed money donated by them and with just one project in hand.

CyberCircles: For You!
0 Cry America: From Chaiwalla to Student

Mohammed Naushad and Mohammed Sharashad – two young boys of school-going age who were working 9-hour days in a tea stall making approx $1 per day to support their family. At my prior job, I was often worn out after the typical 8 hours. I could only imagine what this kind of toil does to a young child.