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0 Gauri Gill Photographs the Americans

When you look at Gauri Gill’s images in her touring collection ‘The Americans’, it sometimes feels as if you’re gazing into a mirror and seeing a reflection of yourself. Indeed, there will be few immigrants who do not see a piece of themselves, a bit of their story echoed in her photographs.

0 Remembering Tom Keehn

He was a true friend to India, to human causes and to artists – and the world is a lesser place for his passing. An era ends with the death of Thomas B.Keehn, 93, whose sojourn in India had an impact on the nascent art movement in India.

0 Indian Art: The Gaur Collection

As director of the AIDS program, Sunanda is committed to Child Life therapy, which is play therapy for children with chronic diseases. She finds art invaluable in diagnosing emotional disorders in children and a great therapy.

27 Abraham Verghese’s Cutting for Stone

In recent days Dr. Abraham Verghese has been boarding jets at breakneck speed, shuttling between countless cities and towns in North America, not for medical conferences or research but for that quintessential ritual of an author’s life – the book tour…

2 Carved in Gold: An Intense Devotion

In the collection there is a pair of tiny sandals for a deity, made of sheet gold with rubies, diamonds and pearls. There are also gold accoutrements for a Krishna shrine – umbrella, rattles, peacock and parrots as playthings for Baby Krishna.


0 Kiran Desai: Her Mother’s Daughter

Listening to my old tape, I found there were intriguing glimpses of what moves both mother and daughter and the perspectives on the world they share, the values that help them create these very real, very imaginary worlds.

1 Rocky Patel, Cigar Czar

He is quite the rock star in the world of cigars because he is the creator of one of the hottest selling cigars in the US and many other parts of the world – the Rocky Patel.

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