Cinemastan – BigFlix’s Big Bonanza



'Sameer' on BigFlix

‘Sameer’ on BigFlix

What can $1.99 buy you?

 In today’s day and age – not much. Not even a slice of pizza, not even a burger, not even a Metrocard!

But $1.99 can buy you romance, drama, comedy and magic, happiness and laughter, a trip to foreign lands for a full 30 days.

The secret is BigFlix.

Cinemastan – BigFlix’s Big Bonanza

Thanks to a new service called BigFlix, launched by Reliance Entertainment, you get not one meager DVD or scratchy CD of a Bollywood movie for $1. 99 but an entire month of cinema – 2000 movies to be exact. Bigflix is India’s first Multi-language HD movie platform and is available in the US and Canada. I like to call this invitation to bingewatching Cinemastan – a country of movies from morning till night!

No more running to the corner Blockbuster store when the urge strikes or driving to the little video stall next to the Indian grocery store to get blurry, pirated copies now. For your Bollywood fix you can now click BigFlix which boasts over 2000 HD movies in nine Indian languages including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bhojpuri and Bengali. Even offbeat festival films, which are often so hard to get are now just a click away.


The indigenously developed technology of BifFlix promises to  deliver a ‘personalized theater experience’ to users who can stream and download movies advertisement-free, on any Internet-connected device including personal computers, tablets, smartphones, smart TVs and game consoles. There are offerings in nine languages in keeping with the multicultural background of India. Yes, Bengali, Tamil and Marathi movie fans, there’s a place for you!


Ribbon on BigFlix

Ribbon on BigFlix

The good news is that you can switch devices depending on your needs and convenience – smartphone to tablet to television and back – in the middle of a film.

According to Reliance estimates, with 3.9 million registrations, BigFlix is already amongst the leading SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) providers. It offers video content in categories such as feature films, short films, devotional, and movie trailers.

Catch past hits with Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan

Catch past hits with Madhuri Dixit and Salman Khan

So now you can OD on Bollywood – past, present and upcoming films!  After becoming a subscriber, I treated myself first of all to that mesmerizing epic film ‘Bahubali’ – I’d seen it on a flight from Italy to the US, and had seen it only in bits and pieces on a tiny screen, distracted by announcements, turbulence and sleepiness.  It was quite a delight to see it on my big computer screen at home, with relaxed breaks for snacks and drinks – and mercifully no ads!  One of the interesting things at BigFlix is the various categories so Khan fans can catch all the Khan movies of the various Khans, and the Big B fans can watch Amitabh Bachchan till the cows come home and catch his whole film career.

Bahubali on BigFlix

Bahubali on BigFlix

But the good news is that the Bollywood films that you really hanker for will be in ample supply. According to  Amit Khanduja, CEO, Reliance Entertainment-Digital, who was in New York for the official launch of BigFlix at Utsav:  “Globally the demand for video content has risen steeply, and the digital platform is witnessing a wider audience everywhere, including India. BigFlix will provide high quality video content from some of the biggest banners including Dharma, Disney, Viacom, Phantom, Telegu One and Rajshri, among others.”


One can hope for good quality since RelianceGroup, led by Anil D. Ambani, is among India’s major business houses, with over 250 million customers, serving 1 in every 5 Indians. RelianceEntertainment is the media and entertainment arm of RelianceGroup and is involved in the creation and distribution of content across film, television, digital and gaming platforms.

Internationally,RelianceEntertainment has partnered with the noted film producer and director, Steven Spielberg, in the formation of DreamWorks Studios, and thereafter, Amblin Partners. This relationship has produced several successful films such as The Help, War Horse, Lincoln, The Hundred Foot Journey, The Girl on the Train, Office Christmas Party, A Dog’s Purpose and Ghost in the Shell.

With this kind of an entertainment pedigree, one can hope for exciting things from Bigflix – worth ‘splurging’ $1. 99 a month on a chance to see over 2000 movies, and some of the best from its cachet of strong entertainment partners. 

So take a visit to the fascinating world of Cinemastan for some Bollywood binge-watching – without moving from your sofa!  All the old and new films will be on your TV, your phone and your computer.

With this no-limit offer from Bollywood, I can see an obsessive love affair developing!

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