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Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood superstar is returning to India with Sriram Nene and two children

Madhuri Dixit Photo (C) Lavina Melwani

Where is Madhuri Dixit?

Is Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood Superstar, really moving back to India?

Economies and nations can fall, but there is frenzied speculation in the Indian media about this earth-shattering move. The reasons for the move are being analyzed with much indepth analysis by media seers and gossip columnists. Chill, folks! This is the new global age when anyone who can buy an air-ticket can fly wherever they like and for whatever reasons they like!

Meanwhile, one lucky fan in Denver managed to come face to face with the Superstar – in the shoe store! And she heard it right from Madhuri’s mouth – yes, she is moving back to India! This story has all the old-fashioned magic of a fan meeting an unreachable star…truly the world is full of random surprises….

For the past year Sadhana Nandi, who had moved to Denver, had hoped to come across her favorite star – but it never happened. Then on October 2, while going for a stroll with her husband Kapil, on a whim they wandered into DSW – the store which sells designer shoes at warehouse prices – close to the Park Meadows Mall.  “That one decision got me to meet my favorite actress!” says Sadhana.

There surrounded by shoes, was Madhuri Dixit in a simple white top and blue jeans – wearing no makeup – not even lipstick – but looking gorgeous all the same. With her were her mother, husband Ram, and two cute young sons – both busily playing hand-held video games while sitting quietly on the floor next to their granny who was seated on a low seat trying on shoes.

Star Power – Madhuri Dixit in the Aisles!

Here in Sadhana Nandi’s own words is the story of this brief encounter in the shoe aisles.

“I met Madhuri Dixit yesterday when she was shopping for shoes with her family here in Denver… OMG… She is so down-to-earth and it was really nice to see her select shoes for her mom and tie those for her.

Madhuri and her husband were selecting the shoes for Madhuri’s mom and she would bend down and tie the laces of the sneakers so that her mom could try out various shoes… I found this especially sweet because I remembered my mom… she is back in India and I miss her a lot.

Madhuri’s husband was seeking her suggestions with his shoe choices, and they looked like a normal middle-class Indian family who went out for shopping on a Sunday just like everybody else!

I did not know if I should go and talk to her or not… I was trying to contemplate if I should give her the privacy and let her shop normally or just walk up to her and tell her that I am her fan – which she already has heard a million times from millions of other fans!

My husband was like… ‘It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for you… she is going back to India and you can never be anywhere near her like this…’ (I mean we were literally in the same aisle!)

A Fan Meets Madhuri Dixit

I finally summoned the courage and spoke to her… she was very nice and not dismissive at all. I asked her if I could take a picture with her and she very sweetly declined,  saying that she doesn’t take pictures. At that point, I did not know what to do and was like “Uh, ok… no problem” and tried to slip away… when she smiled.  Oh My God! That smile is amazing – and then she said “Nice meeting you!”

My husband then asked me if I at least said – ‘ Nice to meet you too!’ or if I just acted like an idiot!?

I said, ‘Come on…. that is not fair… She has so much experience meeting fans… and I do not have any experience meeting celebrities… I have no idea how to behave when I am around them!’

Bon Voyage, Madhuri Dixit!

In fact, just couple of days earlier, we had read in some news article that Madhuri was going back to India and I had sadly told my husband that even though we were in Denver – we never got to see her even once. The first thing my husband said in the store when we spotted her… ‘You ALWAYS get what you want… don’t you? You just mentioned that you wanted to meet Madhuri two days back – and there she is!’

Before leaving, my husband did ask Madhuri if they were moving to India… and she said, ‘Yes, we are.’ She was smiling the whole time.”

So, soon Denver will be losing its natural, unaffected beauty with the million dollar smile. The main visual image which stays with one on hearing this story is of Madhuri Dixit, Bollywood Superstar, wandering through a shoe store, putting on the sneakers on her mother’s feet and tying the laces for her.

That’s the charm of Madhuri, her absolutely down-to-earth mother-daughter-wife persona, her endearing human qualities, the dazzling smiles she doles out for free.

Bon voyage, Madhuri Dixit! Denver’s loss is Mumbai’s gain!

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  1. It’s difficult to explain these things to the hypnotized admirer. The fact she was shopping for shoes with you should have only told you she is an ordinary person. The reason she does not do pictures in US is she doesn’t want people to realize that the ‘Bollywood Queen’ is only a non-entity here. I am sure if there was a lot of razzmatazz around, she wouldn’t mind you taking pictures.

    And as for Denver’s loss, there are thousands of stunning beauties here. I am sure apart from starstruck specimens like you, no one would even notice her.