Christmas, A Matter of Faith


At Christmas, three beautiful images from Roberto Custodio, & Peace to the World


Madonna and Child by Roberto Custodio in 'A Matter of Faith' at RL Fine Arts in Manhattan

Madonna and Child by Roberto Custodio

 “Roberto Custodio has a unique way with the art of the found image. Working with the smallest of images cut out from magazines he transports the viewer into a fantastical and magical world of his imagination, where, child-like, we are astonished by his mastery of the art of make believe. In the present time with our avarice for sampling pieces of music, images, videos and then creating different works, our culture is continually referencing and commenting on the works of others, both past and present. Fully incorporating the art of the found or sampled image, we are constantly delighted by Roberto’s meticulous technique of cutting and repositioning the tiniest image, forcing change between signifier and signified. The artist has cleverly filtered and used the ephermal nature of the magazine printed image, to create a bold, romantic vision that is respectful of the past and yet grounded in the present. Roberto Custodio is a self-taught artist, a native of Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he still resides.”

  • (Peter Louis, R L Fine Arts which shows Custodio’s work in New York)


Roberto Custodio's Infant Jesus - a celebration of Christmas

Roberto Custodio’s Infant Jesus – a celebration of Christmas

Infant Jesus of Prague

Infant Jesus of Prague is a famous statue located in the Church of Our Lady Victorious in Mal Strana, Prague. Thousands of pilgrims pay homage to the Infant of Prague each year. Claims of blessings, favors and miraculous healings have been made by many who petitioned before the Infant Jesus.

Statuettes of the Infant Jesus are placed inside many Catholics churches, sometimes with the quotation, The more you honor me, the more I will bless you. In Ireland some brides will place a Child of Prague statue outside their houses the night before their wedding. This is meant to ensure that there will be good weather for the wedding day.


Jesus of Nazareth by Roberto Custodio in 'A Matter of Faith'

Jesus of Nazareth by Roberto Custodio in ‘A Matter of Faith’

Jesus of Nazareth

Jesus of Nazareth ( 7-2 BC/BCE 26-36 AD/CE), is the central figure of Christianity and is revered by most Christian churches as the Son of God and incarnation of God. Islam considers Jesus a prophet, and he is an important figure in several other religions. Christians predominantly believe that Jesus came to provide salvation and reconciliation with God by his death for their sins. Other Christian beliefs include Jesus’s virgin birth, performance of miracles, ascension into Heaven, and a future Second Coming.



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