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Pop star Anoop Desai has a new EP 'Zero'

Anoop Desai Photo (C) Angelo M. Byrd

Anoop Desai – an American Idol to his fans…

Great news for Anoop Desai fans –  they are going to get not one but three albums from him this year, as part of the Zero trilogy. Songs like ‘Worth the Wait’, ‘Want your Love’ and ‘OoWee’ can be downloaded for free – in fact the entire ‘Zero.O ‘ can be downloaded.  The light-hearted ‘OoWee’ is just the right number to hear now – fun and very danceable, it makes you think of Spring. And Anoop is giving away the album – so here’s a chance to download it and also watch his new music video.

DJ Trauma Presents Anoop Desai “Zero.0” won’t be available on iTunes until April 20, but you can download the EP right now for free, exclusively on The link is

As wrote, “Anoop Desai may not have won Season 8 of “American Idol,” but the up-and-coming pop/R&B artist is set to prove himself a champion with his new “Zero” series.”

Anoop’s breakout single “OoWee” was recently featured in the latest Victoria’s Secret Spring Campaign and his first music video was featured on several music sites including USA Today,Yahoo Music, WetPaint, and GlobalGrind.

Here Anoop answers a few questions we had for him.

8 Questions for Anoop Desai

1.      I think we talked last about a year back, when you were releasing ‘All’s Fair’ – what’s been happening since then?

I’ve been working on new music! I’ll have three albums coming out this year as part of the “Zero” trilogy. Really excited for everyone to hear what I’ve been working on!

2.       Tell me about the Zero trilogy – about Zero.0 which is actually releasing tomorrow.

I conceptualized it as a way to experiment with my writing and production styles, and really give all that I had to offer to my fans. Zero.0 is the first chapter in that journey.

3.       You’re giving Zero.0 away for free – what’s the reasoning behind this?

My fans are the driving force behind my music and I want them to be able to share and invest in this project from the beginning. By giving my music away for a period of time, I hope that other people will have the opportunity to discover my music and become fans.

4.       How do you want your fans to help out in your mission to be independent and self-funded?

The best thing my fans can do is to spread the word about the new music and to become a part of my Kickstarter campaign. Kickstarter allows me to raise the money I need to keep producing new music while still being able to give it away to the general public.

5.       What is Kickstarter and how does it work?

Essentially, I’ve come up with several different levels of funding which all come attached with different perks. All the way from a physical copy of Zero.0 to a private concert. The catch is, I don’t get anything unless I reach my goal.

6.       Tell us about the Victoria Secret Pink bash commercial.

They approached us about using the song “OoWee” off Zero.0 in an online campaign. Couldn’t be more excited! That song is all about good times, and I’m glad that many more people will get to hear it!

7.       OoWee is such a lively danceable happy number. How did that come about?

I just sat down to write one day and that’s what came out. I love songwriting because you can sit down and have no idea what to do, and at the end of the day you could have something you really like. OoWee was that sort of song.

8.       You seem to have been traveling a lot. What have been some of the most fun and memorable moments?

Well I haven’t been anywhere far off in a while. Right now I’m concentrating on writing and putting forth the best product I can. But any time I get a chance to perform for my fans, it’s always a treat. I’ll be back on the road soon!

Anoop Desai, who’s made all his music without a big label behind him, is an independent guy who’s doing things on his own – here he reaches out to his fans.

Pop star Anoop Desai has Zero, a new EP out.

Anoop Desai Photo (C) Angelo M. Byrd

Dear friends, fans and supporters,

I’m nearing completion of the first part of the “Zero” Trilogy, “Zero.0”, due out on March 23rd. I have to thank all of you who have supported me in this endeavor. In the near future, I hope that you’re joined by legions of new fans who are as passionate and devoted!

Thus far, everything I have done since “Idol” has been self-funded. As an independent artist, I’m blessed to have a great deal of control over my work, but that autonomy also has a price…literally. Things like radio promotion, web services, video promotion, mixing and mastering fees, attorney fees, touring budget, studio time, producer fees, graphic designers, hiring musicians, travel, equipment, and PR are vital, but cost a great deal of money. Major labels often spend millions on these things for a single project.

Here’s where you come in…

When it is released, “Zero.0” will be available for free first, and then on iTunes, so that EVERYONE can enjoy and share my music. This is important to me because the past year and a half has been all about my fans and I working together, and this is no different. The “Zero” Trilogy is primarily about bringing you music that I hope you will love. It’s about bringing back the fidelity of the human voice. Today, I’m asking you to be the life blood of this project and help me continue to offer my music to the world.

Pop star and former American Idol contestant Anoop Desai's new album is Zero.o

Anoop Desai's Zero.0

KICKSTARTER ( has provided a platform so artists like me can release the music you love independently. I am going to keep the bar low and its up to YOU to show your force and support. I we don’t reach our goal, I get nothing…but keep in mind there’s no ceiling on how much we can raise!

Thank you for your support. I am so excited for you guys to hear it! With your support, the world can hear it.

With Love Always,


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  1. He comes across as a very sincere and hard working young man and I like his voice. Just hope his dreams come true and his music reaches the world. Great post, Lavina.

  2. He was the first AI Contestant that i voted crazily!!! Good to know he’s coming out with 3 albums – a rare treat for music lovers!! Thank you Lavina for shedding some light on him:)

  3. I became a fan because of Anoop’s vocal and personal integrity. He delivers more quality than most singers, and when he promises to bring music that defines an emotion, it happens!! His music has all kinds of fascinating ripples, and the various rhythms he uses will appeal to unlimited new fans worldwide.

    Zero.1 and Zero.2 will take us to levels we can’t imagine, but I trust Anoop and believe.
    I’m a backer of Anoop’s ZeroTrilogy Project and will always support his vision, music and dreams.

  4. Lavina Melwani on

    Thanks for your comments – he brings his own special touch to the music and I think many young Indian-Americans feel a connection to him and his music.

  5. Lavina Melwani on

    Eva, I think a lot of American Indians were terribly excited about that American Idol contestant!

  6. Love his voice – I do hope he makes it to the top Lavina – he has a really really special talent. Thanks for sharing this with us.