Chandrika Tandon at the Grammy Awards


Chandrika Tandon has been nominated for a Grammy for her album Soul Call

Chandrika Tandon and ‘Soul Call’ at the Grammy Awards

I recently interviewed Chandrika Tandon for The Wall Street Journal.

With the Grammy ceremony just days away, what are your thoughts on winning—or not winning?

“That’s not the way I think of my life; I don’t think of winning or losing. I think of the Grammys as a happening at a point in time. I’m not trying to use this as a stepping stone to something else. I live by the words of the mystic Kabir:

‘When ‘I’ was there, the Divine was missing.

When ‘I’ left, the Divine took over.’

So the quest is to lose myself and go with the flow.”

That’s what Grammy nominee Chandrika Tandon said in an interview I did with her for The Wall Street Journal. She spoke about her childhood, her passion for music and how the worlds of business and art intersect.  The Grammys are in Los Angeles on February 13.

You can read the full interview at The Wall Street Journal

A reader suggested I embed the video so everyone can listen to the amazing synergy of Om Namo Narayanaya. Some of the comments on the Youtube page are really strong ones, showing how this music has touched people.

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Soul Call by Chandrika Tandon has been nominated for a Grammy

Soul Call by Chandrika Tandon has been nominated for a Grammy


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    Ken, that’s a great idea. Will do so. All of Chandrika Tandon’s tracks in Soul Call are wonderful but will go with Basant.

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