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Chana Masala Burger

Chana Masala Burger from Eater

The Chana Masala Magic Burger

One minute you’re eating spicy chana masala – and the next it magically turns into a delicious masala chana burger!

Growing up in India with a mother who was constantly inventing and reinventing dishes from left-overs, this is no surprise to me. But seeing it in a foodie magazine like Eater definitely is! It’s quite a tickle to know that Indian food has become so common in America and is such a favorite takeout food that you’re bound to have left-overs and try to come up with ways to eat it the next day! I was also double-tickled to find that Eater’s chefs are also using leftover rice, like my mom, to solidify the mixture. In fact, at times my mother used just leftover rice with herbs and spices to make very distinctive tikkis – shaped like burgers or like long kebabs.

During my recent visit to India I also visited a local chain called Burger Singh where chanas and other cooked meats and veggies were used to create the burgers. In fact, once you have left-overs, burgers are easy to whip up and it adds to the meal to match it with chutneys of mint, tamarind or tomatoes, add pink or white onions and even serve it with fries. Some of my favorite fries are boiled potatoes sliced into fries with the skin on and pan-fried with garlic and red pepper. De-licious!

Check out the recipe for the Chana Masala Burger Here and enjoy the video! Happy eating!

What are your favorite way of using leftovers from your Indian meals? Do share!



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