How about a Lettuce Burger? Thanks, McDonalds.



McDonald's lettuce burger

McDonald’s lettuce burger

Having your burger and eating it too!

Do you have a weakness for burgers? What if you could eat the burger – without the bun? McDonalds has come up with a creative idea, substituting the high calorie buns with low-calorie lettuce. Can this work or will eaters get withdrawal symptoms hankering for the substantial, filling bread? Well, this has been introduced only in Australia yet – let’s see how it catches on! Lettus see!


McDonald’s has rolled out lettuce burgers in Australia.

The new menu item features two giant lettuce leaves — instead of buns — around a meat patty and burger toppings.

“‘Lettuce’ introduce you to our famous #lettuceburgers,” a McDonald’s in Queensland, Australia wrote on Instagram. “All the same ingredients packed into a couple of large lettuce leaves!”



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