Fashion Stories: Siddhi Vaishnav’s Clic

Siddhi Vaishnav of Clic with models - photo: Vijay Shah

Siddhi Vaishnav with models. Photo - Vijay Shah

Clic: The Birth of a Fashion Label

New York is the place where nothing is impossible. You can be a medical student,  decide to take on a fashion career and actually see it materialize before your very eyes. All you need is chutzpah – and of course, talent.

Ask novice designer Siddhi Vaishnav and she will tell you New York is indeed the place to test-drive the most amazing vehicles. Just a few months back she was immersed in medical studies – and now here she was, the center of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, a NYC fashion event choreographed by her newly formed company Clic by Siddhi. Over 150 people attended the glamorous evening  which showcased Clic’s 21 piece collection which includes everything from fusion wear to pre-pleated saris, with the rich crafts and colors of India

7 Questions for Siddhi Vasihnav – just a Clic Away…

Siddhi Vaishnav

Siddhi Vaishnav - Photo -Vijay Shah

“I like to say with Clic, you’re getting Dom Perignon & paying for Moet” – Siddhi Vaishnav

Here the new entrepreneur answers some questions which may hold tips for other emerging entrepreneurs. Remember, if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere!

1.How did you, a medical student, decide to take on the world of fashion?

As a medical student, I’m probably the least traditional of the lot. My whole life has been spent wanting to “do it all” so I’ve taken an off the beaten path approach in all aspects of my life. I took on the world of fashion because it is one of many passions that I had harbored since childhood. Fashion has been a part of my life from the time I realized that I could make my own clothes for my Barbies and Cabbage Patch Kids. The birth of Clic just happened to be a case of right place, right time.

2. I believe you’ve been dabbling in fashion since the age of 8!

It’s true, my interest in fashion began when I was 8. At least that’s the earliest that I can remember. I put on a fashion show for my family using our hallway as a runway & popping in my Barbie cassette as runway music. I titled it “Madam Four Seasons” and used my own clothing as my “line” for each season. I still remember my favorite faux white fur coat that came out with some black leather studded boots as a winter ensemble.

From then on, I would sew any and everything; purses out of my mom’s leftover fabric, clothes for my dolls, and when I grew older, I designed both my Sweet 16 and my prom dresses. Quite recently, I happened upon my biology binder from 9th grade and when I opened it, it was full of sketches of various styles of clothing inclusive of fabrics and colors. Who knows, I might even use some of them for Clic now!

Fashion by Clic

Fashion by Clic Photo - Vijay Shah

3. What is the concept behind Clic?

The concept behind Clic is high end fashion at a reasonable price. The tagline also says it all: “..because life is a red carpet.™” Everyone has had that paparazzi celebrity fantasy, but only a tiny percentile can boast of that lifestyle. That’s why I like to say with Clic, you’re getting Dom Perignon and paying for Moet.

In our clothes, you will always be in the spotlight. Also, in today’s fashion climate, I’ve seen that unique personal style & expression is at the forefront and that’s exactly what I aim to provide. People don’t want to be wearing what everyone else is wearing and many people don’t like to repeat outfits.

The unique factor of  is that each design is completely one of a kind, both from other things out on the market and from each other. And if you don’t like what we have, our personalization option allows you to customize your own creation. As for repetition, that’s what our rental option is for. Basically, I want to be able to cater to every customer’s needs.

4. Where do you get the clothes manufactured and where can people buy them?

The clothes can be bought via the contact form on our website (

5. What are your favorite trends for the coming season?

I especially love the all-white look, military styling, high-necks, and the “global” trends that are coming for Fall 2012. I’ve never been a believer in the “No White After Labor Day” credence. I think white adds to every outfit, especially if it’s monochromatic.

I also love the structural styling of military and high-neck looks and when you pair them with looser, flowy fabrics, the contrast adds something to the overall look.

Finally, my favorite is the “global” trend that’s on its way. NYFW had Chinese collars, silk embroidery, and  large embellishments on the runway, and that makes my job even more fun because now my “fusion” clothes truly become even more high fashion. I can’t wait to play with those trends in my own designs.

Launch event for Clic - Photo - Robert Hicks

Launch event for Clic - Photo - Robert Hicks

6. Do you think with the ever increasing South Asian population, there is an increased demand for fusion and India-inspired clothing?

I do think that there is an increased demand for fusion or South Asian-influenced clothing, not only because of the increasing demographic, but because people of all backgrounds just happen to LIKE India-inspired clothes! This season itself, stalwart design houses like Chanel had huge East-West inspired lines during fashion weeks in Paris and New York.

The need for fusion clothes has also become greater because people don’t always want to wear strictly traditional clothing anymore; not to events, not to weddings. The fusion style also provides versatility for the clothing. I have a constant eye & ear out in fashion and I try to incorporate the best of US and UK trends into our designs, while still maintaining some Eastern influence. That’s why you can wear our designs literally anywhere.

7. What are  your plans for  your nascent company?

My plans for Clic are for the company to thrive in its clientele base, but not lose its uniqueness. I have many a whisper in my ear telling me to mass produce my designs, but that would go against my M.O. for myself and for my company.

As long as I can create designs, I don’t see a reason to produce 300 of the same thing, unless of course there is a strong demand for something in particular. I want Clic to be the name people think of when they want to buy something that they cannot find anywhere else. I also want it to always have a strong charitable association.  Currently, we are partnered with an incredible organization that helps underprivileged and slum children in India called Baal Dan. ( and that is something that is at the forefront of our company –  to give back in any way possible.


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