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The Patel Scholars Program – Full Tuition MBA Scholarships 

Whether you live in India or the US, there’s a chance to get a full tuition MBA scholarship at New Jersey City University, thanks to the Patel Scholars Program. There’s also the opportunity for Patel Scholars to apply for internships and coop experience at NJCU business partner organizations.

 The Patel Scholars Program at NJCU supports 10 MBA students in their educational endeavors at NJCU.  Through generous support from a private donor, the Patel scholarship covers the full cost of tuition, from admission to graduation for deserving and accomplished students.  Patel scholars will take part in a program designed to meet their unique needs and engage in cultural activities, internship opportunities and rigorous academic initiatives, on their way to earning a MBA degree.

 How the program works

 Ten (10) Patel scholars will be selected for the program which will begin in the fall semester of 2016.  The program will recruit 5 students who reside in the United States and 5 from Ahmedabad, India.

 Criteria for Selection – US students

•      4-year degree undergraduate degree earned from accredited college or university

•      Maintenance of minimum GPA of 3.5 during study at NJCU

•      Cohort of students must honor gender equality – 50% male / 50% female

•      A minimum of two (2) years time & experience after completion of undergraduate degree, before beginning MBA program

•      These students can be admitted to MBA program immediately upon successful application and adherence to NJCU admissions criteria

Criteria for Selection – Indian students

       3-year degree earned from accredited Indian college or university

•      Emphasis placed on recruiting students from H.A. College of Commerce in Ahmedabad.

•      Students must be among “1st Class” group at Indian college

•      Maintain minimum GPA of 3.5 during study at NJCU

•      Cohort of students must honor gender equality – 50% male / 50% female

•      These students will likely require the completion of 45 credits of general education and US business study before admission into MBA program

Patel Scholars will take part in a two (2) or three (3) year program in pursuit of an MBA degree and preparation for a successful and impactful career.

Year 1 – Patel Scholars from India will take approximately 45 credits of pre-determined general business education studies, to address potential gaps in their general education requirements and knowledge base of the American economy and business climate.  A portion of their credits will transfer from their home institution in India, depending on the NAAC criteria and assessment. Upon completion of the credit requirements, they will receive an undergraduate Bachelors degree (BA) from NJCU and then begin MBA studies. Patel Scholars from the US will begin matriculation toward MBA degree immediately, so long as they meet admissions requirements at NJCU.

Year 2 – All Students will work and earn credits toward matriculation for their MBA degree and continue their intensive study at the NJCU School of Business. Patel Scholars will apply for internships and coop experience at NJCU business partner organizations.

 Year 3 – Students continue internship and mentoring program and complete degree requirements for MBA.

For More Information:

Daniel P. Elwell, Sr. 

Vice President, University Advancement, Executive Director, NJCU Foundation

Office 201-200-3344

New Jersey City University
2039 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Hepburn Hall, Room 321
Jersey City, NJ 07305-1597


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