Lassi with Lavina Goes Multilingual, thanks to Google


Multilingual talk - (Creative Commons)

Multilingual talk – (Creative Commons)

Lassi with Lavina Goes Multilingual!

Did you ever wish your Punjabi speaking grand-dad could read Lassi with Lavina? How about your Telegu-speaking mom, your French speaking best-friend, maybe your Italian boy-friend? Well, now they all can – thanks to Google Translations.

On the right side of Lassi with Lavina in the sidebar you have the ‘Select language’ tab – click on it and choose to read Lassi with Lavina in any one of a hundred languages from Gujarati to Bengali to Japanese .Do check it out and let me know if the different languages are accurate and readable.

The languages include Arabic, Hindi, Nepali, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Yiddish, Dutch, Korean – and even Xhosa!

Tower of Babel(Creative Commons)

Tower of Babel(Creative Commons)

Google’s Tower of Babble

I’ve become quite addicted to clicking and changing the look of the site: the page certainly looks different when you switch from English to French to Russian. The thought is very exciting that with the click of a button, so many more readers will be able to access the lassi. You can speak Chinese or Thai or Croatian – and still enjoy it!

Welcome to the global world and please do give feedback. Since I can’t read most of these languages, I rely upon you to tell me if the translations are effective or not. Does it work or is it a Tower of Babble?

Babble or not, a big thank you to Google for making this possible and bringing many tongues and many new faces to Lassi with Lavina!

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Welcome to a Global Lassi with Lavina

Welcome to a Global Lassi with Lavina


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