The Morning After: Trump’s America

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November 8 came and went and it’s the morning after, and many of us seem to be in the grips of a surreal nightmare from which there is no waking.  

Donald Trump is the new president-elect of America, and the world is undergoing shock waves and trying to understand what really happened.

Here from around the web are some of the most detailed stories about the many individual scenarios that made this possible, and the way ahead in a Trumpian America.  

Donald J. Trump with Gov. Mike Pence at his victory speech on Tuesday night. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

Donald J. Trump with Gov. Mike Pence at his victory speech on Tuesday night. Credit Damon Winter/The New York Times

From the New York Times:

‘Strange New Land’: America in a Time of Trump

“A Trump presidency will plunge the United States into an era of unknowns that has little parallel in the nation’s 240-year history.

While Donald J. Trump has been vague about his position on many issues, he has been explicit about several that would fundamentally change America’s direction.”

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Donald Trump’s Victory Is Met With Shock Across a Wide Political Divide

“The American political establishment reeled on Wednesday as leaders in both parties began coming to grips with four years of President Donald J. Trump in the White House, a once-unimaginable scenario that has now plunged the United States and its allies and adversaries into a period of deep uncertainty about the policies and impact of his administration.

Democrats, who will be out of power in both the White House and Congress for the first time since 2006, were particularly crestfallen that Hillary Clinton had a slender lead in the popular vote but lost in the Electoral College, a fate similar to Al Gore’s in 2000.”

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From Salon:

“Not my president!” President-elect Donald Trump inspires walkouts, protests in major cities

“Donald Trump’s election Tuesday night is inspiring a wave of protests around the country from Americans — the majority of whom voted for Hillary Clinton — angry about the future of the country.

Flames lit up the night sky in California cities Wednesday as thousands of protesters burned a giant papier-mache Trump head in Los Angeles and started fires in Oakland intersections.

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