America Goes to the Polls: Clinton or Trump?


November 8 is here and today America decides its future as millions go to vote. Here are some of the stories from around the web as we cast our ballots, then hunker down for the outcome.

What kind of a morning will it be in America tomorrow? 

America-in-Waiting: Clinton Vs. Trump

Election -2016

Election -2016

The Best from Around the Web…

“The long, bitter presidential campaign is finally over and the two historically unpopular candidates have handed off to the nation’s 225,788,000 eligible voters. At a monumental, final rally at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Hillary Clinton, flanked by her husband, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama promised a better future for the country and vowed to “bridge the divides” that emerged during the campaign.”

Optimism From Hillary Clinton and Darkness From Donald Trump at Campaign’s End

Hillary Clinton and Donald J. Trump hopscotched from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Michigan on Monday in the final, frenzied hours of the presidential campaign, offering clashing closing arguments as the sprawling map of the United States was reduced to a string of must-win states.

Accompanied by rock stars, ex-presidents, old friends and their grown children, the Democratic and Republican nominees pleaded with voters to end a traumatic campaign with an emphatic endorsement of their visions for the country.”

The hyper-polarization of America: It didn’t start with Trump and Clinton, and it won’t end with them

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump (Credit: Getty/Joe Raedle/Photo montage by Salon)

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump (Credit: Getty/Joe Raedle/Photo montage by Salon)











“America’s satire show of record, “Saturday Night Live,” bid farewell to the 2016 campaign with a sketch that featured the actors who have played Hillary Clinton (Kate McKinnon) and Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) feeling so soiled by the negativity of the campaign that they needed a cathartic hug fest in the microcosm of the U.S. body politic that is Times Square. Moving on from the rancor of this election season is something the nation as a whole will not be able to do so easily. This is because of the scope and nature of the partisan polarization that shapes the current moment in American politics.”



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