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it is the small things in life which matter, says Chatty Diva

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The Things that Matter in Life


Chatty Divas is a blog on Lassi with Lavina by two chatty friends on life, India and America

Chatty Divas on Life, India & America

We take things for granted and don’t give them their due importance, be it the love of our loved ones or the hard work of colleagues on projects that make our lives meaningful and fulfilled. I had been under a lot of pressure for work to be submitted to various publications but all thought of deadlines flew out of the window when I found my dear Sparky lying listlessly in bed.  This beautiful 9-year old Dalmatian is the darling of our house and is the one who keeps us all in high spirits and raring to go.

The Gift of Sparky

Every morning she bounds out of her bed and jumps into ours, sometimes her furiously wagging tail knocks off the tea cups kept on the bedside. I am guilty of reprimanding her on those occasions and momentarily dulling the spark in her bright eyes. But she is very forgiving and has an abundance of unconditional love in her heart for us all. She licks my anger and irritation away in a flick.

Today I am praying for her exuberance and boisterous antics as she is just laying there with red, droopy eyes and her body burning up with fever. I am silently praying to all the gods I can think of and have made a solemn promise to myself that I will never ever get riled by her display of affection and forgive her every innocently naughty act.

Writers are guilty of the same folly; they take their talent for granted and think writing is easy. After all, they have copyright over their ideas and emotions. How hard is it to put one’s thoughts down on paper?  But they are so wrong in thinking such sacrilegious thoughts. Writing can be the most excruciating act in a writer’s life, even more challenging than diving off the top of the Himalayas without a safety harness or parachute.

Bravery & the Act of Writing

We write but how many of us really share our true and honest thoughts? Why don’t we write what we really feel strongly about? What keeps us writing safe and uncontroversial pieces, without any real fire and blaze? Why do we let ourselves be led onto this obscure path of mediocrity? Are we writers or frightened little children afraid of upsetting our parents and elders with our honest writing?

Let me let you in on a secret – you will never find total acceptance anywhere in this world. There is bound to be someone who hates what you write, if not hate then disagrees with what you write, at least. So what is the point of trying to please the world and losing your perspective in the process? Keep your soul alive and write with your heart, unmindful of the negative voices in your head. Disregard the counsel of those who put you down and stomp on your ideas and thoughts.

As for me, the act of picking up the pen and writing every day is what makes me a brave person. I don’t always have great things to say and share but I do have a million ideas in my head and just need to put them down.

As I share my troubled thoughts with you, I feel a sense of calm enveloping me. I feel calmer – lighter and happier, almost. I am just waiting for Sparky to open her eyes and knock off my coffee mug with her manic tail wagging, I don’t mind her scratching my laptop in her hurry to reach her feeding bowl. I just want her up and running as usual. Sparky is a brave little soldier and endured the pain of three injections stoically.  She is sitting up now. My world is alright again – all is well.


Sulekha & Sparky

Sulekha & Sparky


Sulekha Rawat,  along with Kriti Mukherjee, brings east and west insights into Chatty Divas, their blog on ‘Lassi with Lavina’

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  1. Alpana Jaiswal on

    I do hope and pray Sparky gets well soon…my prayers. A very honest and thought provoking post,Sulekha.I think you have triggered off something within me,I am going to give serious thought to it. Great post!

  2. Your writing is magnetic! It pulled me all the way from the US to be your business partner here even without ever meeting you! Yes you are brave and very honest too.
    P.S. – Thank God Sparky is feeling better!

  3. I got very concerned as I started reading this post. But I am glad that it ended on a happy note, with that joyous picture of you and the most beautiful four-legged member of your household!
    On the other point about writing truthfully and fearlessly, well, unless one is able to do just that, is it even worth calling oneself a writer?

  4. Alpana,thanks a ton for wishing Sparky a speedy recovery. I am glad my words touched you, would love to see what you share with us now.

  5. Mitr, we were separated in our past lives:) thank you for finding me in this one.Thank you for sending warm wishes for Sparky,she is fully recovered now.

  6. Kartik, thank you for visiting and for your comment. Dogs are the best friends man can ever have, I love my Sparky a lot.

  7. Rickie, welcome to Chatty Divas and thanks for making Sparky’s day :) She is the most beautiful girl ever.
    About writing truthfully, you are so right when you say that writers share their honest thoughts, unafraid of the world.

  8. Sulekha – I do hope Sparky’s better already. I absolutely agree with you on this post – loved every word of it. I’m getting bolder in my writing and it’s not always easy – but so worth it!

  9. Thanks Corinne, Sparky is all better now and up to her antics. I am so glad you feel the same way about writing and life, tough is good :)