Daily Dress Me – Fashion by Zip Code

Daily Dress Me is a site to help you dress according to the weather in your area

Dress Me is a site to help you dress according to the weather in your area

Daily Dress Me is Hot –  and Cool

Ever had the experience of dressing up and rushing out – into a downpour? Or freezing in a slinky outfit when the weather suddenly turns abrasive? Looking out of the window to judge the weather is just not good enough – a more practical weather forecaster might be Daily Dress Me!

Nina Vir, creator of Daily Dress Me

Nina Vir, creator of Daily Dress Me

Nina Vir, A 17-year-old senior at the Beverly Hills High School in California has come up with a strategy on how to dress appropriately, no matter what the weather, by simply keying in your zip code in her website Daily Dress Me. It whips up the weather forecast for your city and shows you suitable options in clothing, which you can actually buy on the site. Nina comes from a family which is reputed to have the most ph.ds – the Guinness Book of Records says so – and who knows, she may be listed too one day for coming up with this great idea!

Nina, who started this venture to help arm young people against all sorts of weather, plans to monetize this venture by getting garment retailers on board – and with the proceeds help NGO’s like Mountain Fund and Maiti which assist girls who are victims of human trafficking.

Nina’s site is aimed at the younger generation. Perhaps she can start another site for those in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. After all, everyone – including those with Ph.ds – needs to know how to clad themselves, when going out into the elements!

Nina Vir on Daily Dress Me, The Mountain Fund and Maiti…

When did you come to the US and tell us a little about where you grew up, your education – and your passions.

I was born and raised in Beverly Hills, California. I am currently a senior at Beverly Hills High School.
Some of my passions are fashion, travelling, yoga, and Bharata Natyam. I am very committed to ending human trafficking, the evil that has plagued my country, Nepal. My real life hero is Anuradha Koirala, the 2010 CNN Hero of the Year.

My greatest achievement to date is  I held a silent auction and raised money to donate eight bicycles to girls in Nepal, enabling them to attend school.
True to my astrological sign, Leo, I am confident, dependable, & a fierce “lioness” when it comes to achieving my goals.

My greatest influence has been my mother’s family, which actually  holds the Guinness Record for having the most Ph.D.’s in one family –  no lie!

Daily Dress Me is a site which determines style and fashion according to the weather in your location

Daily Dress Me is a site which determines style and fashion according to the weather in your location

What made you think of starting Daily Dress Me?
Weather conditions and what to wear go hand in hand. For as long as I can remember, when I wake up in the mornings I check the weather (either by asking my mom, checking a weather website, or looking outside my window), and accordingly pick out my outfit for the day. I thought, wouldn’t it be easier if somehow we were just told what to wear? Dailydressme.com offers outfit advice based on the weather in your city. It answers the biggest question every girl has in the morning: “What’s the weather?” and “What should I wear?” This past summer I brought my idea to life. Now, getting ready in the morning is a one step process.

Are there commercial affiliations in this venture, and do you plan to monetize it?

I am in talks with several retailers. I plan to have retailers advertise their attire as the featured outfit of the day, which would allow viewers to click on the outfit and buy it directly from my site. All the the profits from Daily Dress Me will be donated to support The Mountain Fund and Maiti Nepal, non profit organizations which benefit victims of human trafficking in Nepal.

How do you determine what to wear in different parts of the world?
I don’t have different outfits for each city. Rather, I constantly update (roughly every 2-3 weeks) my outfit database according to the latest trends. The website is a great example of how fashion is universal and unites young people from around the world.

Are you into fashion and plan to take this further?
I have always been interested in fashion, which is one of the reasons I started the website. I started the Daily Dress Me as a fun side project, but it has now become much more than a hobby.

Tell me about The Mountain Fund and why it’s close to your heart?
Although I was born and raised in Beverly Hills, my family hails from India and Nepal. The plight of young girls in my ancestral homeland has always been an issue close to my heart. I live in global community, so if a young girl across the world is sold by her helpless parents or kidnapped to be sold in to prostitution, I will fight to make it stop. I want to highlight a very important and relevant social cause that needs more exposure in the media. I also will be contributing to Maiti  Nepal, another non-profit organization dedicated to helping victims of human trafficking, which is based in Nepal.

What response has Daily Dress Me had?
Daily Dress Me has seen tremendous growth in the past couple months, getting about 1000 hits a day. It is popular in the US and in countries like France, New Zealand, the Philippines, Australia, and the UK. Notable models and visual artists from France, Japan, and Germany have praised the site for its simplicity and creativity.


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