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Malala gets her own caricature in an Amul Butter ad

Utterly Butterly accolades? Malala gets her own caricature in an Amul Butter ad

 Desi World –  Malala – Utterly, Butterly Heroic

Malala Yousafzai has received lots of honors and awards for her courageous fight for education for girls – but you know the masses have got the message when Amul Butter puts her saga into its popular ads that people in India have been seeing since their childhood.  After all, what’s more basic to life than bread – and butter? This is called buttering up – in an utterly, butterly good way!

For someone who’s gone through so much and for a situation which is so serious and unresolved, this is a dizzy moment of pure silliness and fun.

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  1. I don’t know why the original Amul girl’s hair is also suddenly covered. I don’t like that. Honoring Malala… or increasing your sales through Malala… is what it is… marketing. But why change the original character? That’s too much.

  2. Lavina Melwani on

    Good point, Sethu! Probably the artist’s idea of making them look alike. If you notice, Malala’s features are just like the Amul Butter girl’s. Subtle branding?