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Roadside Religion

Roadside Religion byPhoto Credit: Carol Mitchell via Compfight cc

Desi World – Roadside Religion – No Parking?

India’s towns and cities are full of surprises and religion is an intrinsic part of the landscape.  Small, functional temples are everywhere – an idol of a Hindu God, a few temple bells, a scattering of marigolds – and it becomes God’s abode. All that’s needed is faith – which there is in plenty.

Yet nothing is quite as it seems  – or there is at least a footnote to the larger story. Look at this picture – what’s the hidden story here? Zero in on the left corner of the image – who is the man huddled behind the little opening, peering out?  What’s behind it? Is it his home? Does he sleep there? Or is it just a roadside facade?

We’ll probably never know! Jai Kali Ma!


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