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Google Helps Us Search for Our Better Selves…

For all those separated by artificial, manmade borders, here is a love story, a story of friendship which can make you cry – in a happy sort of way.  And guess who made it happen? Google! Really, I think we are getting over-dependent on Google to help us in our search for knowledge, words, images, addresses, cat videos – and now even in our search for emotional well-being!

Never knew a Google commercial could make us cry, reach deep down to our better selves, to our aspirations for reunion and healing. The Big G seems to have become an indispensable part of our lives!

This Google ad has gone viral in India – just goes to show how much grief and sadness there still is about the Partition which split the country and separated so many families and friends. The reaction shows the hopes and dreams we all have for a better future, for a happy ending to evolve out of all the grief and trauma.

In the social media sphere, the video has generated quite an outpouring.  Countless people wrote they were in tears – or close to tears. Wrote Satish Kurelly on the Youtube site: “Technology has advanced that much that it can break the iron fencing between two countries and go deep into the heart and come out as tears …”

Love and Peace, A Feeling of Optimism

 Anshul9989 commented, “What our politicians couldn’t do in 65yrs ..Google did it in 3.24 mins…gave me goosebumps and a feeling of optimism that there can be love and peace.”

J.B Abbas wrote, “Excellent ad. Being a Pakistani in North America – I have a lot more Indian friends here than Pakistanis. What does that tell one? It shows that deep down below, it truly doesn’t matter where you are from – if you live in an area you become friends unless an external party tries to tarnish that bond – who carry different agendas than the public. Thank you Google India for making this advertisement and reminding everyone of the real meaning of a bond. I’d love to visit India!!!”

Abhishek Ray asks wistfully, “Why didn’t we reunite after they went? Kya mast cricket team banti!”

Yes, a superb cricket team – and great fashions! Mangoes from all over – and just think of the repertoire of food, the menus!

Varun Gurnaney noted shrewdly: “Google exactly knew what would touch Indian hearts. +1 to the ad team for an amazing idea to touch the right nerves. Even though it’s a cunning advt technique, i loved the ad.”

Indeed, +10 to Google!

There are many commonalities amongst those divided by manmade borders and animosity. Below are links to some of the heartwarming efforts made to bring people together.

Do take a look!

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