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The damaged Lamborghini in Delhi

The damaged Lamborghini

It’s All Carma

It’s a familiar enough scene in the big cities of India: Well-heeled people waiting outside five-star hotels for the valets to fetch their cars after a fine evening out. Except this evening, something went haywire with this mundane scene, as the valet drove one of the cars to the waiting guests – and lost control.

I wouldn’t want to be in this valet’s shoes – or in his seat! One false move and hundreds of thousands of dollars down the drain! Was it driver error or car malfunction? No one knows exactly what happened but he managed to crash a $400,000 white Lamborghini Gallardo in the driveway of the Le Meridien Hotel in New Delhi.
I shudder to think of how many years he’d have to work to be able to replace this six-figure beauty! Probably a lifetime. Now if only he could have wrecked a second-hand Ambassador or a Nano instead!

A very expensive evening out for the owner, a construction magnate, who is threatening to sue for $500,000. More details and photos here
The bright side? Yes, there has to be a bright side to every picture. No one was hurt and at least this did not happen in the crowded streets of Delhi, with hundreds of scooters, auto-rickshaws, pedestrians, kids and dogs  swarming around. You could call it car karma.


CCTV  – Eyewitness Account – Lamborghini Crash





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