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There’s information overload on the Internet  and many great stories are missed altogether! So every week I’ll do a roundup of the must-reads, the controversial stories, and the fun posts that I have found across the Net.  Check this one out!


Photo - BBC

Photo – BBC


Who’s that girl? The curious case of Leah Palmer


All your Facebook friends – are they really who they seem to be? With photos floating all over social media, how do you know who people really are? What would you think if you found your photo on diverse social media sites with a different name and a different life story?  This startling article from BBC introduces you to the realities of our Internet Age and how to cope with them in finding a mate, a date or just a friend!It is a chilling story indeed. Ruth has been turned into Leah and here’s what she finds:

Ruth recently discovered that for the past three years somebody has been routinely lifting photographs of her, her family and friends from social networks, and setting up a network of fake media profiles of them – which all communicate with each other.

This person, calling themselves Leah Palmer, branded Ruth’s husband a “psychotic ex” in her version of Ruth’s photos and had online relationships with at least six different men, who all thought they were cyber-dating Ruth – the woman in the pictures.


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Interestingly, a totally different article in The New York Times shows you a way to rely on the safest  – though often most maddening – way to find a partner. Trust your Matchmaking Mother – She only wants what’s best!  In this Motherlode essay by Risa Doherty, a Jewish mother talks about bringing old fashioned matchmaking back – and Indian moms can get inspiration from this tale!

Watch out JDate and Tinder, here come the middle-aged mothers. We are mobilizing for a common cause: to find our children their beshert (their intended soul mate), and we are serious competition. We know them so much better than your apps and sites ever can.


Trust Your Matchmaking Mother. She Only Wants What’s Best.

Adult kids hate their parents to interfere in their love life but as Doherty observes:

So our offer to help shouldn’t be construed as a negative assessment of their ability to attract others, but as a free service by well-intentioned, seasoned, would-be professionals with extensive resources and a keen eye.


Amen to that!





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