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My Pref - food app

My Pref – food app


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Are you a food-lover looking for the right app to guide you in the Foodie Universe?

 Here are the 10 Top Reasons to get MyPref App


10. Missing Ma? Longing for your mom’s daal makhani or mattar paneer? No one can match that but MyPref will get you the closest match at hundreds of Indian restaurants.


9. Want to impress your friends? Turn into a human Foogle – with 1000’s of restaurants and dishes on the MyPref App, you’ll wow them with your facts!


8. Save a Bundle! MyPref helps you save mucho moolah for the dishes you want, when and where you want them! Get instant access to all the best restaurant deals and discounts from across the nation all in real time. (powered by Yipit and the MyPref deal engine.)


7. Suffer from food amnesia? You forgot what you ate where? Like a great personal assistant, this app will keep track of which dish you liked, and where and when you ate it last.  Handy for your future memoir!


6. Are you geographically challenged? MyPref will lead you to good food, directing you to the right restaurants with directions and maps. You won’t ever get lost again!


5. Feel good by association! MyPref is a Platinum Sponsor of the recent Varli Kids Food Festival where all proceeds go the Diya Foundation for children



4. Become an instant expert on Indian food! Impress your Significant Other or Your Boss by your seemingly intense knowledge of desi cuisine – and the ability to compare to other kinds of food.


3. No More scanning Menus! MyPref is your personal butler which checks you in to the restaurant of your choice and once you do that, you get reminders on the preferences set by you for that restaurant, and discover the preferred dishes there.


2. Helps you get rid of indecision! If you spend hours in a restaurant agonizing what to eat, MyPref  shows you the menus ahead of time. It has one of its kind, location-based restaurants and menu search engine to help you search your dining preferences.

Drumroll – and now the No. 1 reason for getting the MyPref app


1. It’s available on all  iOS and Android Smartphones and it’s free, free, free! Truly, the best things in life are free!


No wonder, in less than 70 days of commercial launch, MyPref cracked the Top50 free Food & Drink apps for iPhone, ranking at #32. To learn more go to


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