KFC’s Paneer Zingers – Indian Vegetarian Love Story


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A Bollywood moment as Simran chases the KFC veggie twister.

A Bollywood moment as Simran, forgets Raj and chases the KFC Paneer Zinger instead.


A Bollywood Moment as lovelorn Simran Chases A KFC veggie treat


When in India, do as the Indians do! Kentucky Fried Chicken, known globally as KFC is the latest American food chain to have undergone a transformation in India. The chickens are still coming home to roost but it has introduced a substantial vegetarian menu with its ‘So Veg So Good’ campaign to reel in lots of new customers who eat neither egg nor chicken nor meat.

“Specifically created to please local palates. This innovative menu has been designed bearing in mind high local demand for vegetarian options, and it will enable a whole new and untapped set of customers to bite into the great taste of KFC” gushes the press release.


The KFC So Veg So Good lineup in India.

The KFC So Veg So Good lineup in India.


 India – The Land of Vegetarians, Semi-Vegetarians & Often Vegetarians

Smart decision, for according to National Restaurant Association of India, the fast food industry is estimated at Rs. 8,000 crores and growing annually. As an article in Times of India states, “around  42% of Indian households are vegetarian, according to the Food and Agricultural Association of the United Nations, and 35% of weekdays are vegetarian for rest of the non-vegetarian population.

The apparent split is backed up by consumer choice at various fast food restaurants across the country. For instance, last month, on National Breakfast Day, out of the total free breakfast meals offered by fast food chain McDonald’s, 66% customers chose a Veg McMuffin over Egg McMuffin.”

Ever since McDonalds introduced the first vegetarian entree, aloo tikki, the market has been strong for vegetarian fast food, and always hungry for new innovations. The new products being introduced are the Paneer Zinger and Veg Twister, in addition to the Potato Krisper Burger, Veg Strips, Veg Rockin’ Burger and Veg Rice Bowl.


The Paneer Zinger from KFC in India

The Paneer Zinger from KFC in India


KFC’s Ode to Paneer

 Listen to this mouth-watering description from the menu: The all new Paneer Zinger is a unique double layered Paneer patty with a crunchy bite outside but  filled with a spicy, creamy sauce inside; topped with lettuce and served in a round, soft, sesame bun. Priced at Rs. 105* only.
The new Veg Twister is a delicious combination of spicy, crunchy mix veg patty , fresh lettuce, crunchy onions, and Thousand Island sauce wrapped in a warm toasted tortilla. Priced at Rs 79* only”

KFC has even got the entertaining Vir Das to sing the praises of the Paneer Zinger in this video.


Vir Das Falls in Love, KFC Style…




Well, vegetarians from the Buddha to Mahatma Gandhi would have been pleased to see the Colonel’s gradual transformation and acceptance of vegetarian cuisine. Now we have to point out to KFC that America too has millions of  hungry vegetarians.

How do veggie-lovers in America get into the action? KFC is missing out on countless would be customers right here in America. We want our Paneer Zingers too!

Leave your comments here if you feel you’ve overdosed on Fries – often the only vegetarian item –  and want to get American fast food companies to introduce more vegetarian choices into their menus here.  Share your thoughts!


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