Lassi with Lavina among the 30 Platinum Blogs on Indian Top Blogs


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Ambili Abraham's Bollywood dance students

Ambili Abraham’s Bollywood dance students



Lassi with Lavina among the 36 Platinum Blogs on the 2017 list of Indian Top Blogs.

Indian Top Blogs is the Directory of Best Indian Blogs in English and has been published every year since 2011. It was released on June 1, 2017.

 Here is the list, the Platinum List of Indian Blogs in English: 

We present you this eclectic list of outstanding blogs from India.

We call it our platinum list. Why, you might ask. So let’s repeat what we said last time: Platinum is one of the ‘noble’ metals. It is more stable, corrosion resistant and ductile than gold and silver, the other noble metals. It is rare and expensive too. So are our platinum blogs: stable, full of valuable resources, and not cheap in looks and monetization. Of course, we cannot compare a blog on economics or book reviews with that on fashion or food, but within their genres each is a topper.

Making a small list out of many good items is not easy, and it becomes highly subjective. In our case, we go back and forth numerous times, looking for good and bad points and upgrading or reluctantly downgrading a blog. As this list cannot have all blogs from a few major categories, we drop some excellent blogs due to high intra-category competition.
Finally we have a list distilled for overall high quality in terms of richness of resources, quality  of content, regularity, and a minimum level of design finery and engagement.

Besides Lassi with Lavina, the list selected 36 Platinum blogs  which included
abhijitbhaduri – Abhijit Bhaduri
baradwajrangan – Baradwaj Rangan
Citycitybangbang – City City Bang Bang
cursor – Cursor
erratica – Erratica
highheelconfidential – High Heel Confidential
joshidaniel – Joshi Daniel Photography
saffrontrail – Saffron Trail
thedelhiwalla – The Delhi Walla
veganricha – Vegan Richa
walkthewilderness – Walk the Wilderness
For the complete list go to:Topmost Quality Blogs


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    Nimmi Sabnani via Facebook
    Congrats! Proud of you! Your articles are truly wonderful ! You deserve this platinum status 👍