Desi Video of the Day – “He’s So Bad, He’s Brilliant!”



Vennu Mallesh - Photo Credit: Venn Mallesh FB page

Vennu Mallesh – Photo Credit: Vennu Mallesh FB page

Vennu Mallesh –  3,995,102 views on Youtube!

Ah – social media – amazing space! You never know whom you’re going to meet! Today I was introduced to someone who is,  among other things, in his own words,  a very good bad boy, a brain eater, a back bencher, a heart stealer, a true liar, a truth finder, and “very anger – but I know it’s very danger”

Bad English, wacky lyrics, home-grown philosophy – I really don’t know what to make of him!

Meet Vennu Mallesh, a pop singer from Hyderabad who’s had 3,995, 102 views on Youtube for his Vennglish song  “It’s My Life whatever I wanna Do ”

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As Trinaa Prasad writes in NDTV, “He’s SO Bad, He’s Brilliant: Indian ‘English’ Singer Goes Viral on Reddit

Surprisingly the song currently going viral, It’s My Life Whatever I Wanna Do, is almost two years old. Probaby the handiwork of a bored Reddit member who chanced upon this Indian singer who likes to sing ‘in English only’. And once in the lap of social media, there was no way Vennu could have escaped the glory of fame. His song is not only trending on Reddit, but his YouTube video has garnered over 3,995,102 views and counting!


Vennu Mallesh - Photo credit - Vennu Mallesh FB page

Vennu Mallesh – Photo credit – Vennu Mallesh FB page


Vennu Mallesh – a brain eater, a heart stealer, a true liar, a truth finder

So who is Vennu Mallesh? On his FB page he calls himself an entertainer, a story writer, screenplay writer, dialogue writer, film director, singer, dancer, choreographer – and philosopher!

Watch the video and smile and maybe get your head even more confused than it already is with the onslaught of the good, the bad and the ugly on social media! In this world of cute baby and cat videos, you never know where the next big viral sensation is coming from!

Amazing to think how many billion stories are being birthed in different towns and cities of India, crashing like waves on the shores of social media. Each story is personal, unusual, fun and has some merit.  Someone in the big world will have eyes for it and ears for it. After all, “He’s so bad, he’s brilliant!”


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  1. The video was shared widely on my Facebook feed, so definitely viral! I was more amused by the comments on Twitter and other places than the actual video!