Lassi with Lavina Video of the Day – Tinder in India


Lassi with Lavina Video of the Day – TinderIndia


Tinder comes to India

Tinder comes to India

Tinder Comes to India

The West is rushing into the East -and probably traumatizing a whole lot of people. The latest entrant is brave, bold Tinder! Watch this video to see it treading on social eggshells as generations react to it in the land of prudery and the Kama Sutra. Can they live together in harmony with Tinder?

Indian parents expect you to marry someone if you so much as look at him – and now suddenly things are getting racy! Can Tinder become a comfortable part of the Indian household, as innocuous as Will arranged marriages go the way of the manual typewriter and the telegraph? Will Tinder become the new normal, the new matchmaker?

Time alone will tell.

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