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Lassi with Lavina Image of the Day - Photo: Lavina Melwani

Lassi with Lavina Image of the Day – Photo: Lavina Melwani

Desi Image of the Day – Big and Small

Rushing for a meeting at the Marriott in Queens, I had just got out of my car when I came across two complete opposites, the big and the small, the tall and the short – a humungous stretch limousine and one of the tiniest cars I’ve ever seen, one of the frugal Smart cars.

The difference between the two was so dramatic that I couldn’t help thinking of the very different lives these two autos must be leading. One would need a huge garage, an unending supply of gas to guzzle and a chauffeur to pamper it; the other, no gas, no space, no fuss. One looked a star, the other a sparrow. A little like different human lives, of kings and commoners.

Different Worlds, Different Lives

The ones who rode in them probably had very different lives too;  and yet these cars stood on the same road a few hundred feet away from each other.  I imagined the people coming back to their respective cars, to the big and to the insignificant, driving off to their very different worlds, never interacting.

When I returned from the meeting, the sun had set and the two cars still stood, awaiting their masters.  I felt almost tempted to hang around, to see the people who got into the cars and thus take the story to its conclusion.  It was getting late. Oh, well, this was one tale I would not know the ending of, a small curiosity which would fade away into the dying day.

Out in the dark sky there was a spectacular golden moon, and I was quickly diverted by this phenomenon, thoroughly intrigued by August’s full moon, a so-called “supermoon,” which explains, “rises when the natural satellite is at perigee — the closest point to Earth in its orbit. It is the second of three supermoons this summer, according to NASA.”

Big and small, the offbeat and the wacky of the earth were forgotten, as I looked skyward, fixated on the luminous moon as it cheekily followed me home…

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