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Lavina's Picks -the best from the web

Lavina’s Picks


Stories You Missed!

What a week! The irresistible headlines and stories from around the web. Narendra Modi’s early life in pictures, even one disguised as a Sikh; the funny side of Indian politics via the Daily Show; and Farewell to the good ol’ Ambassador car.

So much has been happening! A brand new prime minister for India and some very statesmanlike acts. 

*See  Narendra Modi’s early life in pictures – a slideshow

A photo gallery with the PM


The Funny Side of Indian politics via The Daily Show.

Check this out – when The Daily Show with Jon Stewart visits the Indian Consulate and interviews Ambassador D. Mulay



Goodbye to The Ambassador

“Hindustan Motors said it had suspended work at its plant outside the city of Kolkata, blaming weak demand and financing problems.

Modelled on the Morris Oxford, the design of the Ambassador has changed little since it first went into production in 1957.

It was once the only car driven by politicians and government officials.

But the company only sold 2,200 Ambassadors in the financial year which ended in March 2014.”


Ambassador taxi

The Ambassador Car



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