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Lavina’s Picks


Today I’m inviting you to a new  feature on Lassi with Lavina – Lavina’s Picks! Hop into my yellow and black taxi cab as we cruise the web and find the most meaningful, fun, silly, provocative or useful articles from the globe! So click and come along for the ride!


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A ride on the web for Lavina’s Picks!


Here’s a taste:

Can you Divorce Your Wife on Skype?

“If online nikah gained popularity in the Muslim community, could e-talaq be far behind?”  A look at this new and easy way to get rid of your spouse and whether it’s legal. It is causing heartache in some NRI marriages too. It’s happening via SMS and video chats too!


 Fashion’s Heroes in Bangladesh

Want to dress well but be ethically just? With all that’s happened in Bangladesh, there’s a bad taste in the mouth about fashion’s whimsy. Here are 9 apparel brands which give you cutting edge fashion and make sure the workers in Bangladesh get a fair deal.  Heard of Bhalo, Bachhara, Trash to Trend, Karo, Tulsi & Global Girlfriend?

Bombay Talkies  at Cannes

“I was really angered by a blog that appeared on a website called the First Post. The blogger questioned the depiction of the homosexual character and why he had to be the home breaker who bit the hand that fed him,” says Karan Johar in this article about reactions to ‘Bombay Talkies’ which is premiering at Cannes. Hear the reactions of Anurag Kashyap, Dipakar Banerjee, Karan Johar and Zoya Akthar to what the critics have said about their work in this new movie celebrating the Indian film industry’s 100th year


Tamarind Spiced Cashews from NYT

Who doesn’t love the combination of tamarind and roasted cashew nuts and garam masala and cayenne pepper? Especially if it all adds up to a quickie snack to have with cocktails! A fun  video from NYT’s  Melissa Clark on how to put together these fabulous Tamarind Spiced Nuts with mint in 20 minutes! Yum!





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  1. Enjoyed the tamarind cashew nut recipe/served it up right away! The Skype Divorce article resonates.So treacherous, so unfair, so heartbreaking.

  2. Lavina Melwani on

    So glad you got something delicious and edible out of the post! That’s what is fun about cruising the web – you just don’t know what you’ll find!