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Lavina's Picks -the best from the web

Lavina’s Picks


Best of the Web – Day 2

Hop into my yellow and black taxi cab as we cruise the web and find the most meaningful, fun, silly, provocative or useful articles from the globe! So click and come along for the ride!


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*In pictures – The Masseurs of Mumbai

Mumbai has so many unfolding stories, so many different lives. Here are the unknown lives of masseurs in Mumbai –  lost in the crowd, but leading very real, unique lives.

” In Mumbai, male masseurs live in small but closely knit communities with up to 40 people living in single-room dwellings. The masseurs are predominantly heterosexual and many of them are married with children and view their job purely as an economic necessity.”

Check out their lives in this powerful  photo gallery.

*”No good college. Then no good job. Then salaries less. Then future is spoiled. No good wife. Or anything else.”

Deepanshu, 15, explains why he is going to engineering school in spite of no aptitude for math or science.  In fact everyone in India wants to be an engineer!  Over half a million kids are preparing to sit for the engineering entrance exams in India.

*Betting on the Dead

Betting and fixing, apparently, is not restricted to cricket alone and in Varanasi’s famous Manikarnika Ghat, the bookies make fast money by betting on the dead.

The Manikarnika Ghat in Varanasi is considered the most pious cremation ground for Hindus. Bookies have turned something as solemn as cremation of bodies into big business.


*A sexual revolution is needed in India to transform its puritanical culture

“Unlike rape and sex-selective abortion, which represent a genuine devaluing of women, sexual harassment in India is, I believe, an expression not of the power of Indian men but of their helplessness.”


*Thirteen museums to visit when you’re next in Mumbai

There’s one dedicated to mothers, one on BEST buses and one that tells Mahatma Gandhi’s life story using dolls. Check out Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai’s oldest museum with clay dioramas of the life of the people of Mumbai. Also check out Aai (Mother) museum which is dedicated to motherhood, with 100 year old artifacts from Maharashtra.

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