Lavina’s Picks – Cruising the Web – Day 3


Lavina's Picks -the best from the web

Lavina’s Picks


Best of the Web – Day 3

Hop into my yellow and black taxi cab as we cruise the web and find the most meaningful, fun, silly, provocative or useful articles from the globe! So click and come along for the ride!

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A ride on the web for Lavina’s Picks!

Telegram! Bad news!

Who doesn’t remember the telegram which came suddenly – cryptic, short message often bearing bad news? In the days before fax and email that was a dreaded one-liner from home, especially if you were cut off from the family. Now it’s curtains for that old workhorse and the last telegram in the world was sent out in India yesterday. Goodbye. Stop

Chicken Less Eggs?

The egg of the future may not involve a chicken at all! Even Bill Gates is interested. And of course it’s great news for vegetarians who may crave eggs but don’t want the chicken connections!

Indian Genes in the British Royals?

Indians everywhere! A study shows that Prince William, the future British king, has ‘Indian genes’ with one of his ancestors being at least half-Indian.

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