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Three offbeat food articles for all you foodies!

Caterer to the Rich and Famous

Mukesh & Nita Ambani, the richest couple in India, swear by his food, and so do the Ruias, the Mittals and other biggies. Who is he?

‘The man who started his career 30 years ago by supplying milk in the Matunga Labour Camp-Dharavi area later graduated to selling idlis and dosas at the ramshackle Uma Shankar Hotel in Dharavi, he has since come a long way. His annual turnover runs into a few crores, but he doesn’t like to discuss it. “You know why,’’ he says.’

The Idli Goes to Paris


What Indians can’t Live Without – Bhel Puri to Vadas

A delightful piece from Buzzfeed about all the foods Indians love – these really must be coded into our DNA! From bhel puri to vadas to idlis – how can you resist? Amusing descriptions of how each food makes you feel.
26 Indian foods that will change your life forever
Traditional Indian Foods that will Change your Life forever


The Question of Kale- What do you do with it?

Great for veggies! From Greek styled to Korean spiced, here are 10 ways you may have not thought of using kale.

10 Ways to Cook Kale without Making Kale Salad


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