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Wandering around the web, you find hidden facets of India: towns and cities you had no idea existed, a fabulous Indian jewelry collection that exists outside of India, and images from the past when an American First Lady visited India and won over the nation.

Just a few words with Jackie Kennedy

I recall an incredible short-short interview I managed to have with First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy when she visited the Indian Consulate in New York, in the late 80’s. With people milling around her and hardly a minute or two at my disposal, I asked her for her favorite memory of India. She smiled and said, “Just one memory? That’s for boring countries.”

Here are three intriguing stories from the web this week, each with India at its core.

India: The Country

“Amazingly diverse, virtually unexplored and beautiful beyond all reason” – a place in India to be seen & experienced – check out this hidden gem.

In India’s State of Arunachal Pradesh a hidden valley, an isolated town and silence

India: The Jewels

“Indian jewelry appeals to the connoisseur with scholarly taste, but also to those who love its improbability.”
A Sweeping Look at 4 Centuries of Jewelry from India

India: The Visitors

A photo gallery of Jackie Kennedy’s 1962 visit to India, with pictures from LIFE, some of which have never before been published.

Photos of the First Lady on a 1962 Visit to India


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