Mothers, Sons & Daughters

Mother's Day is a tribute also to the invisible women whom you see in Breakthrough's video

To Mothers everywhere – a love poem in colors by a young artist

A perennial favorite that I like to share on Mother’s Day.

Mothers, Sons and Daughters…

To all the wonderful moms – Happy Mother’s Day! As this young artist, who is very close to me,  has depicted from the heart, may the flowers always bloom for you, the sun shine on you and your lives always be full of love. Roses, gifts, visits to the spa, jeweled baubles, lunches and dinners, lots of pampering – you deserve them all!

Yet today we pay tribute also to the other mothers – the invisible women all over the world who struggle to give their children a roof and sustenance, a future…Watch Breakthrough’s moving video about the nameless women whose lives get subsumed in making a livable life for their families.



Breakthrough’s Right Reporters video ‘What’s in a Name?’

Breakthrough is a global human rights organization that uses the power of media, pop culture, and community mobilization to inspire people to take action for dignity, equality, and justice. It aims to uplift women, their identities and their stories and on Mother’s Day the organization shares a video from Rights Reporters, Breakthrough’s reporting team in India which serves as a platform for communities to tell their ordinary yet extraordinary stories of struggle and survival – and often triumph.

Breakthrough honors and celebrates the lives of these women, and you can learn more about the Bell Bajao campaign and other initiatives at Breakthrough.TV

Meanwhile, enjoy the red hearts oozing glue, the burnt toast made by little hands, the wonderful art and the overflow of hugs and kisses. Memories are made of this!

What are your favorite memories of your mother? The special times you’ve spent with your sons and daughters?
Your thoughts on the mothers and children who have to struggle to create a life? Please share.


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  1. Everyday with Ma is special! She gives me something special each and every day as if just giving me a life was not enough. It is for her I will always know who I am – my name. Thanks for sharing this Lavina!

  2. Indu Jaiswal on

    Lavina, your tribute to Mothers is really wonderful and a job well done as usual.
    We salute mothers all over the world for all their hard work, compassion and dedication towards family and children. May is also Women’s health month and we should be proactive in bringing awareness for Mothers Health. We all know how much mothers do not care about their health and wellness. With regular programs, newsletters, health awareness programs etc we can create and bring awareness of the importance of good health.
    M Motivated
    O Original
    T Thoughtful
    H Hardworking
    R Respectful
    S Sensitive

    Happy Mothers Day to all!

  3. Lavina Melwani on

    Indu, you are so right. As this Breakthrough video showed, mothers are so involved in the welfare of their families that their own identity and certainly their own health takes a backseat. It would be great to get mothers to take ownership of their own health and give a little love to the self!

  4. What a lovely post Lavina..truly loved it! The time we have today will never come back so I have made it a point for the last 5 yrs to make sure I meet mom/dad once a year. I am what I am today because she taught me to believe in myself!
    The video is true of so many moms that work tirelessly to take care of their families. They just need to make sure they do not forget themselves in the process.
    Lovely post! Thx for sharing!

  5. Tapas Mukherjee on

    Lavina – Mothers are always special, all 365 days a year. Celebrating Mothers’ Day can at best be a reminder to that fact of life; a reminder that drives a child to symbolize it in such a wonderful, beautiful, tear provoking drawing that adorns this glass of lassi. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Lavina Melwani on

    Thanks Ruchi – I enjoyed writing it – it came from the heart. I found the Breakthrough video really touching and one has to really salute the mothers who have to enrich their children’s lives with few resources, and give of them so unstintingly.

  7. Lavina Melwani on

    Thank you, Tapas. I fully agree with your appraisal of this piece of art – it is invaluable. Just check out how tall the mother is, towering over sun and clouds, her body filled with scores of hearts – the center of her child’s universe!

  8. Prem Kishore on

    A heart searching reminder to all mothers and a gentle nudge to those who take mothers and wives for granted
    Looking forward to more work by Breakthrough’s reporters
    Thank you Lavinia