New Year Wisdom from Mumbai the Dog


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Mumbai shoots the breeze

Mumbai shoots the breeze
Photo (C) Caroline Leiberman

A Philosopher-Dog Named Mumbai

The dawn of 2017 – it’s the time for resolutions and advice from the experts! So here are New Year tips from Mumbai! No, not from the city but from the canine. This little bit of fluff, a Havenese, is as tiny as the megacity is big. He belongs to Carol Leiberman who is a great, great lover of India. “I’ve been to India nine times and I think the name Mumbai suits him perfectly – it just rolls off the tongue!”she says.

Leiberman, who lives in New York,  is a big fan of every designer from Manish Malhotra to Sabyasachi, has tons of designer outfits and at least three boxes full of outfits for Mumbai who has an outfit for every month of the year. Yes, he looks pretty nifty in his Indian turban and orange sherwani!


All Photos  (C) Caroline Leiberman

Mumbai Maharaja

Mumbai Maharaja

Tips and Tricks from Mumbai, A Dog for All Seasons

Mumbai has a skiing outfit for his fling in Aspen, beachwear for his Miami days and some glittery masks from Venice. He’s been to the Vatican and to Vienna, and has even been known to dress up as a peacock. New Year is when he outdoes himself with a very James Bond tux and bowtie.

In fact, Mumbai travels so much and has such a luxe life that many friends have told Leiberman that they’d like to be reborn as Mumbai since he has so many perks in his life!  Yet a silver spoon existence has not spoilt him and that’s where the New Year message comes in.

” He has the sweetest nature – he loves people, he loves life. He acknowledges everyone he meets on his morning walk. He even gives people a High Five if they ask for it!” she says.

Lieberman who is a passionate animal lover hopes to put Mumbai’s photos in a book and calendar for the benefit of animal welfare charities. Maybe he knows that, she says, for he is very patient with her photography sessions and almost seems to enjoy them.

Mumbai’s philosophy of life is something we should all emulate – apart from chasing pigeons, that is. So usually you have Influencers and Movers and Shakers giving you their tips about living the perfect life in the new year. Well, let me tell you something – we all would be better individuals and have a better 2017 if we were all a lot more like Mumbai.


Mumbai wishes everyone a Happy 2015

Mumbai wishes everyone a Happy 2017

Mumbai’s Tips For a Fail-Proof Happy 2017.

1. Give unconditional love to your friends – don’t hold the affection back.

2. Have full faith in those you love – and they will reward you by proving you right.

3. Don’t hold past grudges – life is too short!

4. When friends are sad and hurt, give them a loving, no questions-asked snuggle.

5. Be loyal to old friends – don’t run after new more powerful ones!

6. Go for a healthy daily walk, dognap a lot – and don’t worry about anything!

7. Be adventurous! Try new experiences, new places, new food! After all, you have only one life to live.

8. Be content with what you have. It’s all about finding bliss in your patch of sunshine, your place in the world.

His philosophy of life is love all and be happy wherever the Almighty has put you.

Now can you imagine what a great world it would be if  nations and human beings followed his advice? Happy 2017!


It’s a Dog’s Life – But What Fun!



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