Paris Terrorist Attacks – the aftermath

The Paris Attacks

The Paris Attacks

To Paris, With Love…

Our hearts go out to the people of Paris as they live through a nightmare. It is the world’s collective nightmare for the places may  change – Madrid, Mumbai, London, New York, Beirut  – but the devastation and the destruction remains the same.

In a horrific tale of sheer inhumanity, what shines through is the beauty of the French spirit – the opening up of homes to strangers, the blood donations, the fearless singing of the national anthem by those escaping the stadium after the bombings.  Like the citizens of Mumbai, the Parisians have shown their mettle, their humanity.

Like telling the beads of a rosary, we – stunned bystanders –  go through the countless images, the stories, the tweets and the videos and pray for strength, salvation and solutions.

The world is full of good people and our unity and our collective resolve must overcome the despair. Surely light will overcome darkness.

A sense of Solidarity

Photos following the Attacks



Remembering the Victims…


Touches of Humanity…


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