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Single Desi –  Celebrating Life at 40


Oh now life begins…oh this is it…this is the coolest thing ever!

-Cameron Diaz on turning 40


Google Search ‘Woman over  the age of 35’

So the other day, I Googled ‘woman over the age of 35.’  I wondered what kinds of activities for fun do woman over the age of 35 partake in?  There comes a time in your life where you have done all things that you have wanted to do, kept up with your interests, and lived your destiny.  But since I am first generation desi, I am first and therefore I don’t have anyone before me to watch or see how things turned out.  I know I will spend my time off from work traveling and seeing the world, but besides that what types of things should I be interested in?

Well when I  googled single woman over the age of 35, a bunch of stuff came up about having children over the age of 35 and how it is not such a risk as originally thought.  That is great to know, however that is contingent upon finding the right partner at the last minute.  I am not sure that that actually happens to the majority of us, but it does happen to some people.  So I am very happy to know because by the time you complete all your accomplishments and spend a number of years having fun, you reach your late thirties anyway.

But what do the rest of us do?  Through Google search, I didn’t really get any real concrete answers, so it left me stumped, however I am a creative person and I am able to come up with some ideas.

Single and Growing…

As a woman, it is very important to grow and accomplish new things.  Without movement, one tends to feel stagnated and bored.  So what is a single woman approaching 40 to do?  Here are some of my thoughts:

At middle age, I would expect spirituality to take center stage.  Health should be a daily focus, maybe some night classes for fun, in whatever area of interest.  Golf lessons, dance lessons, music lessons, monthly massages, weekend getaways, spending time with family, taking long walks, picnics with friends, get together with friends that encourage healthy eating, Sundays at church, gurudwara, or mandir, community projects at cultural centers, bible studies, Bhagavad Gita studies, nurture your garden, buy a house, move to a new location, the list is endless.


“Make it like your birthday everyday….Give you something good to celebrate”

-Katy Perry “Birthday”


Secrets to a Super 40….

So what are you some fabulous ideas for celebrating the big 4-0?  Since I am 3 years away from the big 4-0.  I had some ideas:


1.      Spend a week in a place that you have always wanted to visit (e.g., Fiji, Maldives, Ibiza, Hawaii)

2.      Visit Family in India.

3.      Take a nice tour of India with close family and/or friends.  Some people are very close to motherland, as it helped them with the adjustment process during the initial immigration process.

4.      Go see a Broadway show, pop concert or movie.  Have dinner at a fabulous restaurant.

5.      Adopt a pet.

6.      Adopt a child.

7.      Do charity work.

8.      Visit a religious congregation and be grateful for whatever you have been given in life.

9.      Dream big- afterall, life begins at 40!

10.  Build your dream house in your dream location.

11.  Look forward to your next cycle of immigration.

12.  Keep in mind that you still don’t know what is going to happen in your life and that can be very fun!



Monica Marwah writes about single desi relationships in 'Sex and the Single Desi' on Lassi with Lavina

Monica Marwah

( Monica Marwah is a 30-something single school psychologist who enjoys living life to the fullest.  She is taking her experience and showing others how to believe in themselves and love themselves completely.  After years of dating and meeting people, she has come into her own.  Spirituality has been a foundation for self improvement for her and she is hoping to encourage people to embark upon a spiritual journey at this age.)

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