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Somy Ali talks with Monica Marwah about Salman Khan, the Single Life and No More Tears on Sex and the Single Desi on Lassi with Lavina

Somy Ali: From Salman Khan to No More Tears

Somy Ali on Salman Khan, the Single Life & More…

As a curious woman, I really enjoy learning about other people’s views on the singles scene, dating, and past relationships  All of us are trying to make it and be successful and no one knows where their destinies will take them or who will cross their paths and change their luck.  Learning and growing from other people is what makes the world go round.

I got the chance to talk to Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s ex and a smart and savvy business woman, about her experiences as a Bollywood star and her current lifestyle.  Somy Ali is originally from Karachi, Pakistan.  She moved to Bombay,  India where she worked in 10 Hindi films and several commercials.  She then moved to the United States to obtain a degree in psychology.  She attended Nova Southeastern University in Florida.  While working on her bachelor’s degree, Somy worked at a local radio station,  doing talk shows on social and political issues.  It was during this time that she became very interested in journalism and decided to attend the University of Miami to obtain a masters degree in print journalism.  During this time, she developed an interest in documentary films and left Miami to attend the New York Film Academy.

Consequently today, after a successful university career,  Somy Ali has evolved into a US based human rights advocate and documentary film maker who is both passionate about educating the public and working to help solve complex global issues.  Somy has been involved with woman’s rights issues in South Asia.  As a founder of both No More Tears and So-Me Designs, Somy Ali has raised awareness on immigrants being brought to the US, who are abused physically, sexually, and verbally.  No More Tears has rescued 111 women since 2007 along with their children.

Somy Ali’s clothing line, So-Me is found in boutiques all over the US, which takes a stand against intolerance through the aid of fashion.

Somy Ali talks about Salman Khan, the Single Life and No More Tears on Sex and the Single Desi on Lassi with Lavina

Somy Ali: The Single Lifestyle

22  Questions for Somy Ali

1. What do you think of the singles population today?  Do you believe that singles are actively trying to date and find a match or do you think it is all a game and people aren’t serious?

I think it is a little bit of both. I think people in general are afraid to be alone and sometimes they put up with things that they should not simply because of societal pressures and the need to conform to the societal norm of being in a relationship. On the other hand, there are people that don’t care about the conformity aspect of being in a relationship, such as myself.

2.Cameron Diaz believes that marriage is a dying institution.  According to her, we make our own rules.  Do you agree or disagree?  Why or why not?

Statistics show that lesser people are getting married and the divorce rate is ridiculously high. That tells us something. I personally believe that marriage is an institution you can’t wait to get in and once you’re in you can’t wait to get out.

3. Do you think it is possible for men and women to have the same capacity to love one another?

Absolutely. Once again that is very individual specific. I think the biggest factor in the divorces that are taking place, quite frequently is because there is not equal love in a marriage. But once again, I have to emphasize that it is extremely individual specific.

4. Tell us a little bit about your relationship with Salman Khan.

Salman was my first boyfriend. I had a huge crush on him as a teenager. The crush led me to leave Florida and move to India and join films just so I could find him and get married to him. You have a license of doing idiotic things when you’re 15. However, I do not have a single regret of pursuing my first love.

5. How would you describe Salman Khan?

They say if you can count four friends on your fingers and trust them blindly, you’re extremely fortunate. Salman happens to be one of them. He has a heart of gold and I know for a fact that if I were ever in need he would be the first person that I would call.

6. Do you have any regrets about your relationship with Salman Khan?

No regrets at all. I learned a great deal from Salman and his family. Teenage years are formative years for individuals, especially a young girl and spending my teenage years growing up in front of Salman has made me who I am today. Salman and his family taught me that it does not matter what religion one is, what culture one comes from, what makes a person a good person is their actions. He was a good role model to have growing up,  outside of the boyfriend aspect of things.

7. Do you still keep in touch with Salman Khan?

Absolutely. Like I do with any other friend.

8. Who came between you and Salman Khan?

Aishwarya Rai

9. Who do you blame more for your breakup, Aishwarya Rai or Salman Khan?

Neither. They both did what they felt and believed was the right thing to do at that point in time. I don’t like to hold grudges. It will only affect my growth as a person.

10. Vivek Oberoi threw a press conference in 2003 regarding his altercation with Salman Khan.  Do you believe what he said about Salman?  Why do you think Vivek said those things regarding Salman?

I am not responsible for what other people say, but I would say this, anytime a person treats or speaks badly of someone else it usually stems from insecurity.

11. Do you attend Bollywood award ceremonies?


12. Are you and Salman Khan still friendly?  Does he visit you in the States at all?  Do you visit him in India?  When was the last time you guys met up?

The last time I saw him was in Bangkok. I was there for a women’s rights conference and he was there for a film shoot in May 2011. We caught up as friends would and talked about our non-profits. We both complimented each other about making a change for the better.

Somy Ali talks about Salman Khan, the Single Life and No More Tears on Sex and the Single Desi on Lassi with Lavina

Somi Ali: Goodbye to Bollywood

13. What was the reason you left India and a promising career in Bollywood?

To reiterate, I did not go to India for a career in Bollywood. I had a crush on an actor like any teenager does and I actually pursued the crush and went to find him. In hindsight now, I think it was extremely precocious for a 15 year old.

14. If given the opportunity, would you ever return to Bollywood?

No. I would not trade saving lives and my work with No More Tears for anything else in this world.

15. Do you miss making films?

I don’t miss being in films. I am working on a film for No More Tears at the moment.

16. What are your favorite Bollywood movies?

Maine Pyar Kiya, Monsoon Wedding, Tare Zameen Par, Black, and Fire.

17. Do you live alone?

My mother has been living with me for the past two months. She recently moved in and she has been a huge supporter for my work with No More Tears.

18. Do you wish you had a partner that completes you?

I think everyone secretly wishes that they had someone that understood them. I would be lying if I said I didn’t, however I haven’t found anyone that is equally passionate and understanding of my work as a human rights activist and me as an individual.

19.If you had one wish, what would it be?

For No More Tears to permeate globally and saves lives wherever it is needed.

20.Do you believe in soul mates?

No. There is no such thing.

21. What experience in your life led you to create the No More Tears Project?

I saw domestic violence growing up in Pakistan and then in my teenage years in India as well as in my adult years in the US. Domestic violence has no prejudices and is not class specific. It effects everyone! I wanted to take a stand against it which gave birth to No More Tears.

22. Where do you see yourself going in the future?  How do you think your life will turn out? How do you want your life to turn out?

My present and my future are extremely contingent upon my work with No More Tears. I do plan on adopting a baby girl from Pakistan in the next 2-3 years. As I mentioned early the goal is to make No More Tears rescue lives first all over the US and then globally. As a progressive Muslim woman, I find it my duty to help young girls and women in Pakistan and anywhere else where they are being mistreated.

Thanks Somy!  It was a pleasure talking with you!


Monica Marwah

Monica Marwah writes about single desi relationships in 'Sex and the Single Desi' on Lassi with Lavina

Monica Marwah

Monica Marwah is a 30 something single school psychologist who enjoys living life to the fullest.  She is taking her experience and showing others how to believe in themselves and love themselves completely.  After years of dating and meeting people, she has come into her own.  Spirituality has been a foundation for self improvement for her and she is hoping to encourage people to embark upon a spiritual journey at this age.

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is a single desi who writes about the experience in her blog posts. You can connect on Twitter at lollipop77 or on LinkedIn and Facebook with Monica Marwah.


  1. I think Somy is right when she says that the biggest factor in the divorces that are taking place is the fact that there is not equal love in a marriage. I would like to add ‘equal respect’ and ‘equal responsibility’ to the the above list…

  2. Somy must take advantage of opportunities in Bollywood and in Hollywood. Her popularity and celebrity status acquired through cinema gives more teeth to her organization No More Tears.

  3. Ms Somy Ali comes across as an intense person who is passionate about her ’cause’ . Whatever happens is always for the good as her infatuation-breakup with Salman seems to have made her a better person in all respects. She should marry an accomplished medical doctor to complement her as a partner.

  4. Her passion for the ’cause’ comes from her life’s experiences. Everyone should realise that at the end of the day after putting so much of effort into a relationship or life, if you come out as a failure, don’t regret; you at least have ‘experience’ on hand.


    Somy Ali does not look like Aish, Cat or Asin – it is better she stop her dreams.

  6. Thanks for bringing out the passionate and selfless side of Somy Ali through your interview with the former Bollywood actress. “Leaving the glamor world to pursue an even more meaningful profession, and thereby contributing her best efforts towards making a better society, especially for women and children,”…that’s Somy Ali. Kudos to her, and wishing her and women like her with indomitable spirit all the very best. Truly, they are angels in today’s society filled with mean and selfish souls.

  7. Hope that some element works positively so that they could turn the page where they ended up their relationship. God bless them both

  8. Somy is very positive. I think she could do anything in life… full wishes to her to complete her dreams.
    Salman was her teenage love…I think she loves him today also.؛

  9. I thoroughly appreciate herand what she is doing. She is a great human being and she has a great concept for herself. I admire her.

  10. All the best for Somi. Thanks Somi because I am also a woman. I never thought that you are engaged in such a noble cause.

  11. I like Somy’s attitude. Everybody knows that when someone leaves them, it hurts extremely. But after that taking the right decision is most important event in our life. Somy took that right decision. God is blessing her. My best wishes are with her,

  12. Can’t feel sorry for her. Nobody forgets their first love. It’s a truth. It’s a reality of life. It’s at times hurting to see them living a life apart from you. Time doesn’t heal either. People just live with whatever life has thrown at them. Somy Ali seems to be still stuck with Salman. I can empathize with her. Some people are made that way. No matter what, no matter how many years pass by, things remain imprinted on the mind, can’t be wished away. It just doesn’t go away. My prayers.

  13. Hats off to Somi, she still has feelings for the man who left her for another woman.Though very few men can match her caliber, both in love and compassion, sooner or later she fill find the best of affection.
    Somi, you have the courage to fight against exploitation of women. You are a living example of the quote ‘Where there is a will, there is a way.’ How can I join your cause?

  14. Lilly, I fully agree with your views. Well said – first love can never ever be forgotten and it remains the first chapter in the book of our life.

    Best Regards
    LBV Prasad

  15. I completely agree. First loves are never forgotten. I applaud Somy for establishing an amazing life in the States and moving forward with her life despite the rumors. I am glad that she and Salman found each other at one point in their life and were able to benefit from one another. It sounds like Somy learned a lot from Salman and vice versa. I am glad they are both happy.



  16. I guess when Somy talks of Salman she is passionate, love is still there somewhere. I know it’s difficult to admit but I guess some things are better left alone. Where marriages are concerned I suppose it’s even harder because of the difference which is still there in the mind of people, as you will hear someone say “I expected you to change.” People are just not ready to accept you as you are.

    Somy is a woman with clear views. People should help from their own end and I suggest the best way to bring change is very simple… Simply try to change yourself. 1. Try and think positive. 2. Be Yourself. 3. Love everyone around. 4. Try and treat others too as HUMAN BEINGS…I guess that will solve more than half of the problems, not just somewhere but everywhere…

  17. Salman dumped Somy.vs Aishwarya dumped Salman ..Salman never did justice to the pretty innocent Somy…but she still talks good about him..not sure as to why Salman is said to be a good-hearted fella..

  18. i totally agree with Somi’s views and advise Salman that Ash and Kat both had used him but only Somi loves him from the bottom of the heart…

  19. Somy’s comments give an insight to the person she is. She is the right person in the wrong world. It’s a pity that Salman neglected the real gold like Somy for gold diggers. And the comment that Somy is average looking is absolutely childish. Carry on Somy! You are truly the best.

  20. It is unfortunate that there are people like V Nagaswera Rao who are not mature enough to understand an evolved, compassionate, superior human being like Somy Ali.

  21. are a beautiful, strong and good woman…please get over Salman, there’s life beyond. He might be your great friend but there is a greater man waiting for you who will love and respect you with and without all your accomplishments.

  22. Hi,I don’t know why I followed Somi Ali today – maybe I have seen Salman’s interview that the inspiration for Being Human’s name was Somi Ali. I searched her to get to know about her on Wikipedia and feel proud of her.SO-ME rocks! God bless you!