The Bollywood Boss comes to Brooklyn



Akshay Kumar in Boss

The Boss is headed to Brooklyn!

Bollywood Masala and Akshay Kumar come to Brooklyn

Good news for masala lovers – Bollywood is coming to the borough of Brooklyn! Queens and Manhattan have long been the strongholds of Indian cinema but the heady cocktail of comedy, melodrama, fights, songs, romance, item numbers and more are now making their way to Park Slope, with a theater showing ‘Boss’, hopefully the first of many Hindi movies.What is coming to Brooklyn is quintessential masala, amplified in true Akshay Kumar ishtyle.

Here’s the synopsis which leaves little doubt about the experience you’re in for.

“BOSS is just as colorful as his actions. He travels with a massive entourage of trucks that follow him. He has his personal cheerleaders who ‘cheer’ him during his endeavors. He has a penchant for playing loud music when he’s beating up the bad guys. That’s BOSS.
When his father approaches him for help, BOSS leaves everything aside and makes his family his first priority.

Boss and Bollywood Masala

Now BOSS will travel to Delhi to accomplish his mission. His adversaries are powerful people with top connections. But BOSS is a one-man-army. He will demolish everything that comes in the way of his family – be it a dangerous cop or a corrupt Minister. However, he will take his revenge in his own way. There will be loads of action, loads of fun and loads of excitement in this entire journey. The journey that will lead to the ultimate combat in the historic war ground of Kurukshetra where once again, after centuries, good and evil will battle one another. And once again, evil will be vanquished from the face of the Earth. But this time, it will all be – BOSS style.”

Akshay Khanna in Boss



If you’re psyched up, check out  these over-the-top videos to see Bollywood’s version of life – bodies being thrown in the air, cars smashing, romance set to lush music, and the hero in all his glory.  All very tongue in cheek and high-voltage. The film also stars the ravishing Sonakshi Sinha.

Yes, the Boss is coming to town!  Akshay Kumar’s new film ‘Boss’ opens at the Pavilion Theater, a first for a Hindi movie. Not just one token show but four daily shows every day. Are there that many desis in Brooklyn or are non-Indian Brooklynwallas  going to go the Akki way?

Will Brooklyn be the same after the Boss has wandered through it?  Let’s wait and see.


Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha romance in Boss



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