The Veggie Burger That is 100 Percent Beef




Veggie Burger That is Real Beef

Veggie Burger That is Real Beef – Photo:

Holy Cow! Veggie Burgers That are Real Beef!

Holy cow, the world get’s crazier by the day! This veggie burger is made with 100 percent beef. Where’s the logic?

Vegetarians who wouldn’t even dream of breathing on  fries which were cooked in beef tallow are now expected to eat vegetarian burgers made of beef? I wonder who came up with this bright idea and do they even know the consequences? Aggrieved parties who eat these 100 percent beef burgers masquerading as veggie burgers may insist on plane tickets to Haridwar so they can dip for atonement in the sacred Ganges!

In a truly bold spark of disingenuous manipulation, Crompton’s Beef Farm has already forewarned any unsuspecting vegetarians that the burgers contain beef!

Perhaps Crompton’s Beef Farm doesn’t really know the meaning of vegetarian or vegan or veggie for that matter. Time for them to go back to school or face hordes of  vegetarians who will really have a beef with these burgers!

As Grub Street writes:

Crompton’s Beef Farm in Dorset, England, has somehow achieved the impossible: “Made with the finest cuts of topside and sirloin from our own herd,” the company says in a just-published newspaper ad, “Crompton’s Veggie Burgers are the only vegetarian burgers on the market made with 100% REAL BEEF!

Check it out here

But wait a minute? Could this be an Onion style joke? Do we vegetarians need to develop a funny bone? I tried looking on the web for Crompton’s Beef Farm but couldn’t find it. Was it a figment of the imagination?  It was – I came across a story in Slate – and the suspense is over! No cows were harmed in the making of these burgers – they exist only in the imagination.  So is it all a parody?

It is! Slate spills the beef – er – the beans!

That’s because, as a few commenters on Imgur pointed out, the ad is fake. It’s from the most recent issue of a British humor magazine called Viz. (Click through that link and you’ll see the ad under the section heading “Letterbocks.”) According to Wikipedia, Viz specializes in “spoof adverts for various items” that “poke fun at the genuine adverts for such items in magazines found in the colour supplements of Sunday newspapers.”


All’s well with our veggie world and there’s a new fun magazine to browse. Mooo!





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  1. Lol, first I too thought that how can it be possible, but when I reached to the bottom of the post I smiled :) like this.

  2. Lavina Melwani on

    Alok, yes, it’s all a joke – the worst nightmare for a diehard vegetarian!