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Big. Fat. Indian. Wedding

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Have you always wanted to have a fabulous, grand slam Big Fat Indian Wedding but have been stopped by one minor detail – the fact that you still haven’t found a significant other, bride or groom?

Well, no worries –  entrepreneur Preeti Shah has taken care of that too! She has an innovative concept – a creative bridal expo where you not only catch up on all the latest wedding trends and flavors but also get a chance to perhaps meet the right person to have that wedding with!

So if you’re tired of being dragged to countless flashy wedding expos and brain-numbing matrimonial sites by family members, ShaadiChic – “for the stylish, sophisticated, indulgent bride” – might be just what you need.

Preeti Shah, who is the creative mind behind SpotlightStyle, started her company due to a need that she saw in the marketplace.  “Brides-to-be try to keep everyone happy sometimes at the cost of what they want,” she says. “When I was getting married I saw how much went into it and how little say I had in it as the bride. When I finished I realized I wanted to help brides plan their dream wedding…helping them through the process and giving them the wedding they have dreamed  of!”

Ornate, surreal decor by Spotlightstyle for Indian weddings

Ornate, surreal decor by Spotlightstyle for South Asian weddings


South Asian Dream Weddings

As one of the leading wedding planners, she has built up a network of professionals for a knock-out wedding, and is known for over-the-top, meticulously planned South Asian weddings. Over the years, creating the perfect wedding has become somewhat of an art form for her, catering to dreams and desires of a changing population. She says,  “The generations have been changing – they have more of a say and know what they want.  They are financially more stable and have a value for smaller, more detailed weddings vs large events.”

Now her latest initiative – the ShaadiChic Bridal Show,  in which she is partnering with Shaadi Belles, the popular South Asian wedding portal, brings the top wedding professionals under one room so you can see first-hand the latest trends in wedding decor, floral creations, fabrics and bridal outfits and taste the offerings of chefs for the wedding menu.  You can check out the latest wedding couture and experiment with different bridal looks at the beauty bar, a kind of dress rehearsal for the big day – whenever it happens!

At Shaadi Chic, brides to be  – and not yet brides-to-be – will have a fun afternoon, with a day of interacting with  new people.  It’s a cool way of hanging out with friends and learning all about the latest trends. So make a date! Mark November 10, 2013  on your calendar at the Marriot Teaneck.

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 3 Questions for Preeti Shah of ShaadiChic

Preeti Shah of Spotlightstyle, which specializes in South Asian weddings

Preeti Shah of SpotlightStyle & ShaadiChic


1. How did you get the idea for doing ShaadiChic and how is it different from other bridal expos?

For years I have been attending bridal shows to see what is new…and instead of being inspired it feels like I am being constantly barraged  with sales people and flyers.  I wanted to have an event where a bride could come in meet the best talent within the industry and really enjoy the initial stages of wedding planning.


Planning the perfect Indian wedding at ShaadiChic

Planning the perfect Indian wedding at ShaadiChic


The Would Be’s, Could Be’s…

2. Why do you think this a more of a lifestyle event from which even singles can benefit?

We have a networking as well as a shopping aspect to the show – it is meant to get people to come in and meet other likeminded individuals – see some amazing designs not just for bridal but everyday wear.  A place where other individuals who are just starting their business can benefit from people who are veterans in the industry.

3. Tell us about the opportunities for people to meet at the event.

There will be a lounge set-up just for networking – people can come sit and chat with others – and possibly make some great friends!




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