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Donald nd Melania Trump's New York Penthouse - Sam Horine

Donald and Melania Trump’s New York Penthouse – Sam Horine


 Trumping Up the White House

 What would a Donald Trump White House look like? Will it be the end of history as we know it? Will it be Trump Redecoration 101?  I’m sure he can’t rebuild and put the Trump logo on the White House head, but a great many changes will seep in. 
As Patricia Leigh Brown wrote in The New York Times, “Trump is like a one-man Gilded Age, carrying opulence wherever he goes. We’ve never had someone running for president who is a bling artist.”
Would love to know what you think are the changes one would see if the White House got Trumpasized!  (When I wrote this non-word Trumpasized, Spellcheck corrected it to ‘Traumatized’! wise old Spellcheck!)
As Brown says,  some might fear drastic renovations – such as a 55-foot tall garden wall, financed by Mexico!   When asked, Trump has said he may touch up the White House a little bit but as Brown concludes, “As his Republican rivals, and perhaps much of the country, know all too well, a little bit of Donald Trump can go a long way.”
And isn’t that the truth!

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