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0 Naseeruddin Shah, Dastangoh

Through the powerful voices of the dastangohs the tale came alive; you saw life and death, the grandeur, the sorcery, the parades, the fires and the warfare in your mind’s eye. For two hours the crowd at this sold out show sat riveted, taken quite far away, centuries back, on the wings of a language many of them did not understand.

All this was achieved without a blow being dealt, without a sword being drawn or a match lit – a testament to the story-telling powers of the three dastangohs.

0 Bollywood Goes Hi-tech

Forget about the amateurish fight scenes and burning toy cars of the past – special effects, animation and action shots are now all the trend, and very serious business in Bollywood!

0 Real Life Through Reels

Can cinema change the way you think? Can it shape the way society collectively views difficult choices – or can society change the way films reflect certain stereotypes? Rarely do you get an opportunity to mull social issues while enjoying endless cinema and this was the special attraction of I View Film, an annual film festival with the ambitious title of New Ways of Seeing Human Rights Cinema.

0 Bollywood Flexes Its Muscle

In the last decade, audiences have seen the emergence of slick comedies, horror films, murder mysteries, sci-fi, ensemble movies and a whole lot more from innovative young directors like Mani Ratnam, Ram Gopal Varma, Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Vishal Bharadwaj and Karan Johar.

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